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“How would you survive on a deserted island?”

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Good nutrition whilst travelling can be tricky to say the least. Especially difficult if you are attempting to keep up a nutritiously dense plant based diet whilst in a remote place like Tonga in the Pacific Islands! Although the island we found wasn’t entirely deserted it was not far off…

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How to: Parkour like a pro!

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We hit up PranaOn ambassador Jesse Turner a parkour professional to find out more about his sport and how he manages to stick the “unstick“able! Hey Jesse! Thanks for joining us. Q. First of all, explain to the average punter what exactly is Parkour? A. Basically it’s the most efficient way from…

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Get Fit For Life, Not Just For Summer!

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Our top 7 tips to help re-set your body and feel beach ready all year ‘round! Health & fitness quick fixes only provide you with temporary results, commitment to any of these tips below will help provide your health & fitness journey with a solid foundation set for longevity. 1.…

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