Annalise Alam

Annalise's journey...

I’m 22 years old from Sydney Australia. From a young age I felt the need to not only start my fitness journey, but also make the decision to transition into a Vegan lifestyle. Coming from an Arabic and Italian background it was so hard for me to make this transition, as I was only ever surrounded by meat products. At 16 I decided I would make this transition and lifestyle commitment, and here I am 7 years later living my most best life. Ever since I made the lifestyle choice and commitment to myself, I never looked back. I fell in love with health and fitness that much, that it’s a part of me.

My fitness journey has helped me grow as a person. I went from being so insecure about myself, always worrying about my looks, and being such a negative person all the time. When I started training and changed my diet. I instantly knew I made the right decision to start my journey. I not only became more confident within myself, but I also felt great. I’m so positive towards life and will never go back to my negative ways.

Apart from working as a clothing designer during the day and working at my dream job. I also wanted to give back to those who admire my fitness journey and have followed me from the beginning. I then decided to get my personal trainers certificate and give back to those who need my help the most. I have such a great following of young women whom I love and appreciate so much for helping me stay strong to myself and be the person I am today.

One passion I also have is boxing. I love doing this in my spare times when I’m not running around and have some me time. I will hopefully one day like to perfect this hidden passion I have towards the sport. I want to be able to take my fitness journey to the next level. I can’t wait for what the future holds for me.

PranaOn is such a great brand. I love how amazing not only their products are, but what they stand for. I’m forever grateful to be a part of the TRIBE.

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