Dylan Andrews


Mixed Martial Arts

Tell us about your journey

My journey started back in 2005 whilst looking for UFC dvds in a video shop. At that time Mixed Martial arts wasn’t very popular in Australia or New Zealand, so footage was very hard to come by, but this one particular video shop had a small range of VCR’s. At that time these things where so rare it was exciting for me to just be able to look at the pictures on the back of the videos, and imagine how the fights would play out.

Anyway, while I was looking at the pictures on the back of these VCR tapes I could hear a loud thud like noise coming from what seemed like the ceiling of the video shop? Dust starting falling from the ceiling and landed directly on top of the tape cover? Whatever was happening got my curiosity. I left the video shop and tried to figure out where the noise was coming from, located directly next door to the video shop was a glass door with sign writing on it which read “LIONS DEN ACADEMY” mixed martial arts training, Boxing, Kickboxing Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu also known as BJJ. As I walked upstairs the thud noise that I heard was getting louder and louder, when I reached the top of the stairs I saw a giant heavy weight boxer pounding away on a heavy bag, and that was the thud like sound that I heard which caused the dust to fall from the ceiling. Long story short that’s where my love for mixed martial arts started and where I developed a work ethic that I will carry with me through my whole career and life.

What is your proudest moment thus far?

By far signing with the UFC back in 2012, it wasn’t so much the UFC but it was the belief that if you work really hard and sacrifice everything, you really can have whatever you want, and if you never reach your goal….the lessons and character building you will develop on that journey will be worth it.

Tell us about your morning routine

I typically wake up around 5am, the first 30min of the day I'm usually hydrating with water, then I head to my local café and grab coffee. I chill down at the beach with that for a about 30-60min then head to training, which changes daily. There might be times when I’m doing some type of strength and conditioning work of working standup i.e. boxing, kickboxing

What’s your favourite PranaOn product?

Power Plant Protein in Strawberry Jam is my jam right now 😊

What’s your favourite way to use it or incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle, and why?

I either have it as a straight shake, or more than likely, I’m adding it to my oats either hot or letting it soak overnight in coconut milk.

Tell us something interesting about yourself or a hidden talent

I unfortunately don’t have any hidden talents???? And these days nothing is a surprise…lol

Any superstitions?

I used to wear the same briefs for every fight, and then realised that if for some reason I didn’t have them, I would put in my mind that I needed them to win, so I decided to go cold turkey and not wear them for a fight just to see what would happen. Safe to say I didn’t need them it was just something I developed from watching other people.

Do you prefer training in the morning or evening?

I’m a morning person but not a real early morning person, let’s say around 7-8am is the time I feel at my best.

Where can we find you on a Saturday?

At home watching Titanic with a tub of cookies and cream Ice-cream...actually, there ya go that’s something interesting…lol

What’s on the horizon for you?

More fights!

Favourite motto to live by:

“Worse things have happened to better people”

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