Julian Clarisse

Tell us a bit about your journey...

Prior to the plant based lifestyle my paradigm was based on the notion that animal protein was what I needed in order to grow, and in copious amounts.

Thankfully, a change in my environment and the people I surrounded myself with played a huge role in demonstrating that the vegan diet is not only abundant in protein, it was a step that needed to be taken in order to be the best possible version of myself.

Since July 2016 when my plant based journey began, many doors have opened and a deeper understanding of true health and fitness, spirituality, mental clarity, universal energy and oneness quickly became apparent.

Through my passion for bodybuilding in combination with the plant based lifestyle, I hope to be a positive influence in the health and fitness community setting the example of true health and fitness, among many other plant based athletes.

I am now 25 and a short term goal of mine is to compete in the WBFF. Obtaining my pro card as a plant based athlete and soon enough competing on the word stage, showing the world that not only is it possible, but beneficial to us as individuals and as a whole.

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