Lani Williams


Fighter – Muay Thai/Kickboxing


Victorian K1 Kickboxing Champ

Tell us a bit about you and your journey…

I came to Martial Arts late in life. It wasn’t until AFTER I had my son that I picked up a pair of gloves. For me it was to get my body back into shape, but more importantly for my body to heal, both inside and out. So I hit the gym and found that I actually enjoyed/loved the boxing and kickboxing part of my regime. I didn’t ever plan on being a fighter. I didn’t plan on competing, I just wanted to get good, better, fitter, test myself. Eventually I honed my skills into Kickboxing, more specifically Muay Thai (Thai Kickboxing) and started competing at 31. Better late than never.

What is your proudest moment thus far?

Winning the Victorian K1 Belt at the ripe old age of 33, against an opponent almost half my age. It’s not the belt that makes me proud, it’s knowing that I have inspired women to challenge themselves at any age.

Tell us about your morning routine

I wake up and make my 5 year old breakfast, jump in the shower, have a long black, get my son ready for school and make a smoothie. Once I walk my son to school I go for a run along the beach. Smash out some emails. Then I am either teaching a women’s only muay thai class at my gym or I am training with my head coach. That’s just my morning up to 12pm…

What’s your favourite PranaOn product?

Phyto Fire Protein – Mint Choc Matcha!!!

What’s your favourite way to use it or incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle, and why?

I don’t have a lot of time in the morning for a sit down breakfast (what mums do to be honest) so I make sure I make a big smoothie (Coconut water, protein, banana, nut butter, spinach, greens powder) for breakfast to get my day started. Fuels me enough to go for a run and take a class or have a training session before lunch time. It’s great if you’re feeling a sugar craving too, which I do a lot, I’m a massive sweet tooth! On Sunday’s I make a big batch of protein balls, changing up the flavours, for those on the go snacks. During a fight camp Phyto Fire is a must, keeps me fuelled enough to keep training and keeps hunger cravings at bay if I’m cutting weight.

Tell us something interesting about yourself or a hidden talent

When I’m not training I’m a jewellery designer & jeweller for my business, Windfall Jewellery. So I spend a lot of time looking at gorgeous stones and dreaming up how to work them into dreamy engagement rings.

Any superstitions?


• No shoes on the table.

• If your left hand is itchy, rub it on wood to bring you money/prosperity.

• No cleaning for the days after Chinese New Year or you will sweep out all the good luck you have just brought in.

• Don’t wear opals in engagement rings or if it isn’t your birth stone. My mother is Malaysian, we’re superstitious people haha.

Do you prefer training in the morning or evening?

I prefer training in the morning but motherhood doesn’t often allow me that freedom so I generally have to train when my son is at school or at night.

Where can we find you on a Saturday?

I go the Organic Farmers market in the morning and then you can find me at the beach, going fishing, doing a bush walk, going for a bike ride. I live on the Surf Coast in Victoria so there’s so many beautiful outdoor spots to enjoy with the family and focus on doing some active recovery.

What’s on the horizon for you?

My husband and I, who is also a fighter and one of my coaches, have just opened our very own Muay Thai gym here on the Surf Coast called ‘The Boneyard Torquay’ I’m so excited to be coaching Muay Thai in our community. I also have a couple more fights on the horizon. Definitely not too old to hang up the gloves just yet.

Favourite motto to live by:

Make hay while the sun shines.

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