Mayapur Rapinett


Personal Trainer and Online Coach



2nd Superheavy Bodybuilding, 4th novice bodybuilding 2019

Tell us a bit about you and your journey…

Where to start, I’ve been training for 10 years now. I started training at the age of 14. Growing up was difficult as a kid, I was the middle of 7 siblings, the environment was negative, I moved out of home at the age of 14. Training was a means of therapy for me. It would distract me and give me relief from what I was experiencing mentally at the time. I started putting on decent size after a couple of years, adding muscle was a bonus and of course eventually I started enjoying watching my body change. After a rough break up, I got super motivated and started understanding myself more and my needs and figuring out what it was that gave me drive and made me excited to wake up in the morning. I decided to start competing in bodybuilding shows 3 years ago. I've improved each year since then. My last show I managed to place 2nd and 4th in some intense line ups. 

What is your proudest moment thus far?

I’ve got several, all three times so far that I’ve competed in bodybuilding shows, landing two different sponsorships, buying myself a car, making it on front of Gold Coast Bulletin, and Live on Sunrise TV getting half a million views, building a large social media presence from scratch, travelling by myself.  

Tell us about your morning routine

When I wake up drink glass of water, I try not to touch my phone. I’ll head straight down to the beach first thing and begin my meditation, this includes walking for anywhere between 30-90 minutes focusing on the things that I’m grateful for and being in the present moment as much as possible, visualising how I want my day to look and what my next goals are. 

What’s your favourite PranaOn product?

So far it’s the Caramel protein, but I’ve still got to try some of the other flavours. It is literally that good.

What’s your favourite way to use it or incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle, and why?

I’ll have it in the morning with my oats, smoothie, or granola and mix it all together, literally taste like heaven. I’ll also have a scoop of Prana caramel protein after I finish training. It feels like I'm having a dessert but it’s good for you which is a bonus.

Tell us something interesting about yourself or a hidden talent

I can do the splits, I was the first ever meter man and was on Sunrise TV and 3 different news channels.

Any superstitions?

Law of attraction and visualisation, two things I strongly believe in.

Do you prefer training in the morning or evening?

Generally l train Midday around about, as it allows me to digest my meals, and there aren't as many people in the gym which means less distractions.

Where can we find you on a Saturday?

On the beach, listening to a podcast chilling at home, prepping my meals, in the gym, relaxing on my bed scrolling through insta or watching YouTube, jotting down notes and planning future goals.

What’s on the horizon for you?

I want to do more travelling eventually with the purpose to attend fitness expos
around the world and do meet and greets. I’d love to do seminars and motivational
speeches, around the world not only help people physically, but mentally as well.

Favourite motto to live by:

Do what makes you happy

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