Interview with Matthew Bate

What triggered your journey towards holistic health? 

I always considered myself healthy and fit however back in 2010/11 whilst playing professional sport (AFL) I found myself experiencing lots of inflammation, injuries, and fatigue problems. I thought I was doing everything right however I then read a few books that completely changed my view on health. I read a book called Thrive foods by a former triathlete Brendan Brazier and another book called Finding Ultra by an ultra marathon runner named Rich Roll. Both of these books showed me a whole new way of holistic eating and living that was providing these athletes with incredible results and everything they said seemed so logical and made so much sense to me.

As I began adopting more and more of their tips I felt incredible benefits in my health and energy, I then studied a holistic nutrition course that gave me a much deeper understanding of holistic nutrition and from that I found my life passion.

Tell us a bit about your book ‘356 Days Of Wholeness’, and the main principles you want people to get out of it?

There is so much conflicting and confusing information in the world so our goal with 365 Days of Wholeness is to make being healthy and energised extremely easy. There is also a lot of manipulative marketing in the world that has fooled people into buying into certain cultural beliefs, such as the belief that we must consume meat and dairy for our protein. Unfortunately many of these beliefs can lead to decisions that can seriously compromise our health.

We understand that everyone has the right to choose how they treat their body and what they put into it, but what makes us really frustrated is when certain companies and industries provide mis-information about what is really in their products and this leads to confusion and poor decision making by the public. Our belief is that everyone has the right to know everything that is done to their food and what is in the products they buy and that we must demand that companies operate from a place of full transparency and integrity. In 365 Days of Wholeness our goal is to help people understand exactly how some companies attempt to manipulate our buying choices through their clever marketing and we also help people understand exactly how to make the best choices for themselves and their family.

What do you believe is the biggest health misconception? 

The biggest misconception we see is people believing that disease or poor health is something that is normal within the human body and that we just have to hope that it doesn’t strike us.

We believe that the human body is absolutely brilliant and perfect in it’s design, and it will only malfunction if it is treated in the wrong way. The only thing that it requires for optimum health to occur is for certain natural conditions to be available at times. We witness this in the natural world where no animals and no plants existing in their natural environment ever experience the same ailments that the human race experiences on a daily basis. Right now obesity in Australia is over 60%, cancer is expected to strike 1/3 people by the age of 85, and heart disease is our number 1 killer killing many thousands every year. We do not believe that any of this is normal.

In the book we use an analogy where we compare the health of the human body to that of a plant to help people understand how achieving great health occurs. Everyone understands that for a plant to be healthy for it’s entire existence all it requires is specific conditions, which  are good nourishing soil, sunlight, water, and the correct temperature. If any of these conditions are missing then of course the health of the plant will falter, it’s leaves will begin wilting and eventually it will die. We all know that for the plant to regain health all we need to do is correct the missing condition and the plant will heal itself perfectly. The human body is no different, however being a complex organism we obviously require more complex conditions. The main conditions the human body requires for optimum health are – freedom from toxic habits – an ideal diet (high in nutrients, fibre, water, adequate calories, low in toxins) – regular exercise – adequate rest – fresh air, sunlight and clean water.

Many people violate these conditions on a daily basis both through bad habits and also because they have been fed misinformation as to exactly what these conditions are. In 365 Days of Wholeness our goal is to provide the reader with the absolute truth as to what their body needs each day in order to thrive with health and energy. So far the feedback has been fantastic so we feel like we have gone a long way to achieving this, which we are really proud of.

How has your health improved since incorporating Prana On into your diet?

I love having the Prana On amino acids during my work out sessions and find that it provides me with a lot of endurance and energy. It’s great knowing that I can obtain all the amino acids I need for muscle growth and recovery with these. Every morning I will also add a scoop of the Prana On Power Plant Protein to water to start off the day. I have never been able to find a plant based protein that tastes good until the Prana On Power Plant Protein, and the fact that it’s highly alkaline and full of nutrients means that I can start every day giving my body everything it needs without having to put my body under great digestive stress that takes a lot of energy.

What is your number one wellness tip that you would like to share with the Prana On tribe?

Human energy is a precious thing and my number one wellness tip is to learn how to harness and preserve energy each day so that you can then have the energy to invest into your life passions and relationships. Most people have very little idea as how to harness their energy stores and as a result they become reliant on stimulants and are too exhausted by the end of each day to do anything but sit in front of the TV. Stimulants unfortunately do not provide a real energy but rather they stimulate or steal energy that is already within our body’s and force us to waste it.

Our book goes into depth into every natural condition the human body needs to thrive with energy on a daily basis, however one of the biggest energy drainers is over eating and the regular consumption of processed and cooked foods. Ever since adopting a diet consisting of predominantly organic, raw, living foods my energy has absolutely soared because my body receives amazing nutrition from these without needing to invest a lot of energy. If the body can receive high quality carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and fibre, without investing much energy to do so then this is the ultimate result.

The Prana On products support this concept in a big way as they provide your body with everything it needs with nearly zero digestive stress and energy involved. Using the Prana On supplements along with a well balanced diet and natural living will bring you a long way towards achieving optimum health and energy.

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