Interview with Sue Day

Introducing the amazing Sue Day, owner of Flannerys Paradise Point and award winning body builder!

What sparked your interest in health and fitness?

I have always been into health and fitness and always shopped organically and locally where ever possible. Exercising daily and nourishing my body with healthy foods is what makes me feel the best

As the owner of health food store, Flannerys Paradise Point, you must have seen many different health trend come and go. Where do you see the health industry going in the next few years?

I think there is a big shift into supporting local, sustainable producers and people are also becoming interested in where their food comes from and if it is grown/farmed using sustainable practices. People are also getting more aware of the chemicals additives that are being used in food and trying to choose options without these added nasties …


You are not only an amazing business owner but also an inspiring fitness competitor, how do you manage to maintain your healthy lifestyle?

I make my fitness a priority because I know I am able to function better on all levels, both within business and personally. I fuel my body with foods that are going to nourish and keep me healthy. I certainly don’t spend much time on the couch watching television!
What are the main benefits you have experienced since introducing Prana On into your diet?

Wow –Prana On has just been amazing, I use it every day to make shakes, healthy vegan pancakes, protein balls etc..

It was amazing on my bodybuilding cutting diet as the iced mocha flavour makes you feel like you are having something bad but you really aren’t!

I am so happy to recommend Prana On to my customers because it is such a superior quality product that is produced to the highest standard and is suitable for professional athletes, or people that are just trying to be healthy and get sufficient protein intake .

I just love Prana On so much, I’m so happy that we stock and am so happy to have it at Flannerys Paradise Point.


What is your number one health and fitness tip?

Consistency !

Get up !

Show up !

Get moving !

Put your health and fitness first that way you will feel better, happier, look great and be able to enjoy your life to the fullest.


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