Make 2017 your best year yet with Yogi Danique Hanson

What goals and intentions have you set yourself for 2017?

My main fitness goal this year is to have more of a routine with my exercise. Last year my training and personal Yoga practice was pretty all over the place, so I really want to get into a solid routine, schedule in my workouts each week and make sure they happen.

I also want to do some additional Yoga Teacher Training, as well as plan and host a retreat.

What are some of your tips to setting achievable new year resolutions?

I think the best way to stay on track with resolutions is to let your friends and loved ones know so that you are accountable, keep checking in with your self at the end of each calendar month to see how you are progressing, or if it’s a bigger goal for the year, have a strategy in place so you have a clear idea of the steps you need to take to get to where you want to be.

When you find yourself ‘falling off the New Years resolution bandwagon’ what is the best method you’ve found to help you get back on track?

I find the best way for me to stay on track is to keep checking in with myself. For my personal fitness goal this year, keeping a log of my training in a Calendar App on my phone is helping me a lot – every Monday morning, I schedule in all my training and Yoga for the week ahead, and block out the time in my day so I know I will get it done – no excuses.

I also think it’s really important that we aren’t too hard on ourselves. If things are not on track at the end of January, instead of tossing your Resolution away, just make some changes to set yourself up for a fantastic February.

How have our PRANA ON products helped you in achieving your 2016 health and fitness goals?

PranaON was a big part of my diet in 2016. As someone who sticks to a plant based diet, i find it’s really important for me to make sure I am getting enough protein to support the level of exercise and physical activity I am doing each day. Last year I started indoor rock climbing, and this increase in strength exercise was made easy with the support of my PranaON supplements. I love knowing that what I am putting inside my body is plant based and pure.

How do you plan on making this your best year yet?

Growing and learning, surrounding myself with positive and uplifting humans, moving my body whenever I can, spending lots of time exploring and smashing my goals!
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