Power Plant Protein Pancakes

Here’s a little insight into Emma Ceolin (@emmaceolin) and Guillaume’s (@guillaumecornetfilms) morning routine, including some of the best protein pancakes we’ve ever seen⁠! 🥞 They’re super easy to make, full of flavour and have that traditional pancake texture for the perfect stack! Treat yo’self thanks to their epic recipe!⁠

Power Plant Protein Pancakes


Serves: makes one serve
Time: 15 minutes



1 cup self raising flour (tip: it must be this flour if you want fluffy pancakes – You can also sub gluten free self raising flour here)⁠

1/2 to 1 scoop PranaON Power Plant Protein Vanilla Creme

1 cup oat milk (tip: you can sub any dairy-free milk here)⁠

1 tsp vanilla extract⁠

1 banana sliced⁠

Coconut oil to cook⁠

Dairy-free ice-cream and maple syrup to serve⁠



  1. In a blender, mix self raising flour, protein, vanilla extract. You want that creamy texture so play around and add a lil more flour if you need it. ⁠
  2. Use coconut oil in pan and turn on low. Pour mixture into pan to create desired pancake size ranging from large to extra large. ⁠
  3. Slice the banana.⁠
  4. Place 4 slices of banana into each pancake and flip when the pancake bubbles start to pop in the centre.⁠
  5. Voilà! Use dairy-free ice-cream and maple syrup to serve⁠. ⁠

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