The Great Debate. Plant Based Protein vs Whey Protein.

Let’s face it. You’re into your health. You spend a large portion of your life ensuring that you are the fittest and healthiest you can be. It’s not a task, it’s a lifestyle. You also make a concerted effort to make sure you are putting the right foods and nutrients into your body to achieve this “healthy you”.


Which leads us to the big question, what supplements should you use to aid your nutrition. A common saying, “you can’t always trust what’s on the label” could not ring truer and the nutrition industry is no exception. If anything, it is one of the worst offenders and often unregulated. It’s very backward to think that the very people that take pride in their health and nutrition are the ones being misled by the industry, marketing & labelling.


So let’s shed some light on why we perceive plant based nutrition to be the healthier option and the way of the future for fitness nutrition for not only vegan’s but for all. We have put together a list of 6 benefits of choosing plant based…


1. The elephant in the room. The strongest animals in the world run purely off plants. Elephants, Gorillas, Rhinos, Hippos and the list goes on. One such animal works just down the hall from me…Billy Simmonds, former Mr Universe and the first vegan to do so. If anyone is a shining light of great health it has to be this guy. So when it comes to getting our protein (and other key nutrients) why do we feel the need to consume copious amounts of meat and dairy? By using animal sources for protein (such as meat and whey) we are merely going to the secondary source. Opting for plant protein not only removes the middleman but also provides you with a healthier and just as effective way of reaching your muscle building goals. So really, why don’t we go straight to the source? The short answer, conditioning from the industry and our parents. When we are young we are fed messages by industry campaigns that meat and milk are essential for growing big and strong. It’s even on the government funded Healthy Eating Pyramid! You know, the one we all got shown as kids! Knowledge is your friend here people. Please do your own research and don’t just believe what you are told. More importantly make sure the information you seek out is credible and peer reviewed.


2. Upset tummy? That’s more than likely got something to do with the whey.. In case you didn’t know, whey is the liquid that remains after milk has been curdled and drained.. yummy! Flatulence, diarrhea, bloating and other digestion problems are common side effects. It makes no sense for someone who trains and is otherwise healthy to be experiencing stomach pains post training. This is a common struggle we hear from people who have made the transition over to PranaOn for this exact reason. People who have struggled for years whilst taking whey protein have made the switch over and instantly noticed the “greener pastures” of plant based protein, minus the stomach pains! Almost all plant sources contain no allergens, this in turn makes plant protein very gut-friendly and easily digestible. As plant protein is highly absorbable, it facilitates optimal muscle recovery and repair which is great news for athletes and competitors.


3. The hard facts. Although whey is known to be a complete protein in the fitness industry, Pea and Hemp protein also contain significant amounts of all 9 essential amino acids to support muscle growth and repair. Plant based proteins also have great bioavailability. Meaning the absorption and quick entry into the bloodstream makes it more readily accessible to the body. Additionally, most plant protein brands won’t add the common additives, fillers and artificial sweeteners that many popular whey brands include that can lead to malabsorption of the protein, in turn inhibiting your goals. Whey is renowned for its leucine content which is prized for its role in muscle growth, however, 48 grams of rice protein alone provides you with all the leucine your body could need.


4. Lactose – is milk sugar. It is the cause of many allergies that people are blissfully unaware of. As a result your body may not be running at its most optimal state. According to the National Institute of Health, approximately 65% of the human population have difficulties digesting lactose from birth. The key to optimizing your health is removing unnecessary ingredients and additives from your diet. Opting for plant protein not only removes the vast majority of these unnecessary ingredients but it also reduces the potential for bloating, gas and inflammatory conditions that are common by-products of consuming lactose. Plant protein is also far lower in cholesterol and sodium which are common in animal protein sources.


5. Naturally flavoured – minus the chemicals. Let us introduce you to.. Stevia! This plant is a natural, non-caloric sweetener derived from a herb. Rather than adding processed chemical sweeteners, we have looked to nature for an answer to a natural sweetener that also tastes great. Plant proteins also have naturally occurring vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids which give your post-workout shake an extra nutritional boost!


6. The conscious choice. You don’t have to be vegan to experience all the benefits of plant based protein. Not only are you benefiting your health with opting for plant protein by reducing the consumption of residual additives whilst increasing digestibility and nutritional concentration, but you are also taking the conscious route. Whey protein takes a heavy toll on the environment as a by-product of the dairy industry. Whey is also heavily processed in its manufacturing and this in turn degrades its nutritional quality and can increase the heavy metal content. Let’s face it, vegan is in! And it will stay in. It is not a trend or a fad. It is a selfless act of making a pledge to treat all living beings equally and with respect and in turn having a positive effect on our planet! And hey, even if you are not vegan, choosing plant based protein will still have a positive effect on the animals and the planet. So give yourself a pat on the back!


Don’t believe us? If you are still sitting on the fence or unsure whether plant based supplements are for you, then why not dip a toe in the water and order some of our sample packs.

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