Adam Mansy Crossfit
Get to know: Adam Mansy
1024 683 Lauren Welsh

We interviewed Adam Mansy, Crossfit competitor, owner of RBT Gold Coast, coach, loving husband and father, and downright legend! He shares his dreams, motivation and what’s on the horizon later this year with him qualifying for the Down Under Crossfit Championship. Strength of a beast, heart of gold!

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Jaz Correll
Get to know: Jaz Correll
1024 684 Lauren Welsh

We interviewed published fitness model, WBFF competitor, owner of Mad Strength Training, PranaOn athlete and all round epic woman Jaz Correll to get to know more about this true-blue! She shares her journey with fitness, how she worked to break the “skinny vegan” stereotype, how she maintains a healthy and lean physique all year long, her usual morning routine and the one thing she has to do each night before bed. Enjoy!

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Health energy
6 health hacks to energise your life in 2019
1024 683 Lauren Welsh

Say goodbye to cliché juice cleanses or extreme diets that start with a bang early in the year but fizzle out just as fast. This year is all about healthy living and sustainable energy all year round, and we’ve got some simple health hacks to keep you going. Here’s to an energised year and kicking goals in 2019!

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Smoothie Bowl
Four Power Plant foods to put on your plate by Dr. Portia D’Anvers
1024 731 Guest

The power of improving your health is literally on your plate. But what foods should we be putting on our dinner tables for health, good nutrition and athletic performance? Dr. Portia D’Anvers gives us four amazing foods that to include in your daily meals, for recovery, health, disease prevention and well balanced nutrition.

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Best Natural Protein
PranaOn’s wins 2018’s Best Natural Protein!
1024 1024 Lauren Welsh

WE DID IT…AGAIN! Thanks to the love and support of our loyal tribe our Power Plant Protein has won 2018’s BEST NATURAL PRODUCT in the Nutrition Warehouse supplement awards. And our Phyto Fire Protein won 2nd Place for the Best Weight Loss Product!

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Kilos for Kindness athletes lift PranaOn car in aid of animal welfare at World Vegan Day!
1024 683 Lauren Welsh

This year’s Kilos for Kindness event at World Vegan Day Melbourne was unlike any other! Eight of our favourite vegan athletes had an attempt at deadlifting the new PranaOn car to raise $ for their favourite animal charities. And they blew all expectations out of the water!

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PranaOn Rice Protein
7 Benefits of Rice Protein
900 600 Lauren Welsh

Rice protein is an incredible dairy-free alternative to whey protein. It packs a punch in nutritional value and is not only great for you, but is good for the earth too! It provides your body with high-quality protein, essential amino acids, Vitamin B and E, and plenty of gut-loving fibre. Plus, it is also naturally low in sodium and cholesterol. Add it to your daily diet to boost your nutritional intake and help reach your health, weight and wellness goals. Here are 7 benefits of rice protein.

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Morning Routine
How to create a healthy morning routine
900 600 Lauren Welsh

A healthy morning routine is essential for a productive, effective, heathy and happy day and life. We hear about it over and over again, but do we actually put it into practice? Creating healthy morning habits can boost your energy, align your focus and promote a sense of gratitude and mindfulness. Here are our top tips to take your morning and day to the next level.

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Boost your metabolism
Boost fat loss with thermogenic foods
900 600 Lauren Welsh

As well as exercise and a healthy diet, a fast metabolism is needed to burn fat and lose weight. Thermogenic foods and supplements can boost this process and help you reach your weight loss goals even faster. These are some of our top ways to get the thermic effect and boost your metabolism.

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Fitness competition
How to beat the post comp blues – Nutritionist Keiarna Kerr
900 600 Guest

Post comp blues are a reality for many fitness competitors. They have goals to work towards, workout schedules to adhere to and meal plans in place and then, one day, the competition comes to an end. Once the excitement fizzles out, competitors can face the unexpected blues. Brisbane Nutritionist Keiarna Kerr explains the science behind why this happens and how you can beat the post comp blues.

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