Spring Clean

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Super Greens   |   L-Glutamine   |   Sports bottle

A nutrient rich greens blend, loaded with antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals. Amino Acid used to support immunity, gut health and absorption of nutrients in the body 

Celebrating the beginning of Spring by treating your body to a Spring Clean!

Super Greens (Original, Fresh Mint, Tropical)

A nutritious superfood blend of 7 potent sprouts, grasses and algae designed to help detoxify the body and leave you feeling energised!  Crafted with antioxidant rich Chlorella and Spirulina to help combat free radicals and heavy metals within the body it is also extremely rich in B vitamins and Chlorophyll to not only boost energy levels but to cleanse and alkalise the toxins out of your body


Our immune system defences can be reduced with high intensity training making us more susceptible to illness such as the common cold and other respiratory track infections.  Glutamine helps fortify the gut, which plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy immune system and recovery.


Wondering whens's the best time to consume Super Greens and L-Glutamine?

We recommend starting your day by taking Super Greens on an empty stomach for optimal absorption.

L-Glutamind is best taken post-workout, when the body's stores will be at their lowest.  Another option is before bed, as your body uses it to recover and synthesis muscle while you sleep.