Below are some interesting Questions and Answers from you, our valued customers

  • Are all your ingredients organic?

    A. We aspire to use organic wherever reasonably affordable. For example, our Fresh Greens uses Certified Organic Greens, that are up to 3 x the price of non organic. We believe that you, our customer, wants the very best for your health and the environment, so it’s a choice that you’ll support also. Other product additions, such as amino acids, are all NON-GMO and 100% vegetable origin, and given their purity in their micronised form, are of a high standard as well.

    We are seeking Organic accreditation currently and expect to do so in the near future.

  • Why do your products vary in taste from time to time?

    A. Superfoods are sourced from remote parts of the world, where traditional farming practices are used to cultivate crops, such as places like Peru or Bali. There are many variables like seasonality that affect the sweetness and taste of certain ingredients. Every batch of our protein, greens and other products are stringently tested to ensure as far as possible that the taste is identical to the last.

    We are also listening to you, our customer, and strive to perfect the taste based on constructive feedback.

  • I am waiting for delivery on my order I placed online - where is it?

    Once your order is shipped we will email you a tracking number for our preferred service – Star Track Express.

    To track your your order or if you need to make arrangements for collection – simply give them a call on 13 23 45 or go to Startrack.

    If you live in a remote area – perhaps look at ordering a few days in advance so you don’t run out before your next order arrives!

  • I am a Personal Trainer, own a gym or a supplement/health retailer - can i stock Prana?

    A. Quite possibly – email us at sales@ecosuperfoods.com.au and we’ll see if we can partner together!