Questions and Answers from you, our valued customers


  • How can I sample the different products?

    A. There are Trial Packs available for purchase from the website. A Trial Pack consists of single serve sachets, allowing you to find your favourite flavour.


  • Are all your products vegan/which of your products are vegan?

    A.  All products in the PRANAON range are vegetarian and vegan friendly.  This means that we do not use any animal by-products. The PRANAON range is gluten, lactose, dairy, egg and soy free.

  • Are PRANAON products safe to take while pregnant or breastfeeding?

    A. We do have pregnant and breastfeeding mothers using our products, however we recommend that in the first instance you seek professional physicians’ advice. There is naturally occurring caffeine in Phyto Fire Protein and Pure Boost which some prefer to avoid.

  • Are your products safe for children under 15?

    A. The warnings on the packaging are a mandatory Australian labelling requirement for all supplementary sports food.  Individuals and parents are responsible for what their children consume, the warnings are to make sure attention is paid to ingredients. It is advisable to seek professional physicians’ advice regarding your children’s individual needs.

  • What are the products sweetened with?

    A. Being committed to using organic and natural products our key sweetener is a plant-based sweetener called Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf Extract, which is indeed natural.

    In relation to our Prana On range, we recently discovered our initial Stevia supplier included an undisclosed portion of sucralose, and so there has been the inclusion of a low amount of sucralose-based artificial sweetener that currently represents about 0.15% of the combined ingredients. Food Standards Australia and New Zealand has thoroughly tested sucralose, it is considered safe and has therefore approved it for use.

    We are working on finding a suitable alternative for the small amount of sucralose completely, and in the meantime Stevia will continue as the key sweetener with a reduced amount of sucralose continuing to feature in the products.

    Whilst the artificial sweeter plays no impact in adding or detracting from the performance of the main ingredients, in addition to being an exclusively plant-based sports nutrition brand, our dedication to sourcing all-natural and organic products is one we take seriously.

  • Which product would be best for me?

    A. Like all supplements, individuals will respond differently to the performance enhancing benefits of the ingredients.

    For personal advice, your nutritional needs will be specific to you, so the benefits of our products will depend on identifying what your needs are as well as a consideration of your current nutritional intake that our products will be supplementing.

  • Are PRANAON products organic?

    A. We use certified organic ingredients wherever possible.

  • Are your products gluten free and safe for people with Celiac Disease?

    A. Based on the specification sheets we receive from the suppliers of our ingredients, they do not contain gluten.

  • Which product can I use as a meal replacement?

    A. All of our supplements are intended to be consumed in conjunction with a healthy and well balanced diet, we do not have any meal replacements in our range.

  • Why do your products vary in taste from time to time?

    A. We strive for consistency with the taste of our products from one batch to the next. However, there are many variables when using natural and organic ingredients.  For example, seasonality can affect the cultivation of crops and directly affect the sweetness and taste of certain ingredients.

  • I have seen smaller sizes of your products available, but cannot find them for sale on your website - why not?

    A. We have exclusive instore only sizes for our products, they are:

    400g in Power Plant Protein, Phyto Fire Protein, Primal Protein.
    560g in Natural Mass.
    200g in Super Greens, Multi Force, Intra Strength and Pure Boost.


Head to your nearest stockist to purchase our products in these sizes!

  • I am interested in becoming sponsored by PRANAON. How do I become an ambassador?

    A. PRANAON sponsors individuals of all different backgrounds, with all different areas of expertise. Whether you’re an athlete or a foodie, we strive to support individuals with their journey. If you are interested in becoming a PRANAON ambassador, please complete the form by clicking here.

  • I own a health food/supplement store – can I stock PRANAON?

    A. Quite possibly – email us at sales@ecosuperfoods.com.au and we will see if we can partner together!


  • I just placed an order, how long until I get it?

    A. Your order will take 1-2 business days for packing.
Delivery times vary depending on location and size. Here is a guide:

    QLD/NSW/ACT 1-2 business days
    VIC/SA 2-3 business days
    NT/TAS 5-7 business days
    WA 7-10 business days
    New Zealand 1-3 business days

  • How come I cannot have my order delivered to a PO Box?

    A. The courier services we use are unable to deliver to a PO Box. Please provide a work or residential address to ship your order to.

    If you have special delivery instructions, please make sure to include them in the comment section when you order e.g. can be left at front door if no one is home.

  • How can I track my order?

    A. When ordering, please make sure to use current details. You will be sent an automated email with tracking information once your order is scanned in. 
If you haven’t received an email, please contact info@pranaon.com with your name and order number.

  • Do you ship internationally?

    A. We aren’t shipping outside Australia and New Zealand at this point in time, but please stay posted on the website and social media for future updates.

Order/Online Account

  • How do I reset/change my password?

    A. Before logging in, click on ‘forgot my password’.  An automated email will be sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password.  If you would like to change your password, click on the tab labelled MY ACCOUNT in the top bar of the website.

  • I don’t want to buy online, where can I find PRANAON?

    A. Please click on the STOCKIST tab in the top bar of the website to find a stockist near you.