Meet our Founder

Billy Simmonds

Billy is an Australian entrepreneur, martial artist, powerlifter, bodybuilder, and winner of the 2009 INBA Mr. Universe title. An authority in health and nutrition, he has served as a strength and conditioning coach to athletes around the world, and is the creator of PranaOn. While diverse in his pursuits, most notably Billy is an advocate for healthy eating, the environment, and compassion for both people and animals.

“When I created PranaOn, I envisaged an ethical brand that could power not only mine – but others – performance to a higher level, and to also help me live a long, healthy life. I wanted it crafted from the finest collection of Plant-based, Raw, Alkaline, Natural And Gluten-free Organic Nutrients. So when my friends started getting amazing results and energy from using it, I could see it was their Prana turning On! So that’s how I came up with the name – PranaOn is what it’s made from and turning your PranaOn is what it can do!”