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Make 2017 your best year yet with Yogi Danique Hanson

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What goals and intentions have you set yourself for 2017? My main fitness goal this year is to have more of a routine with my exercise. Last year my training and personal Yoga practice was pretty all over the place, so I really want to get into a solid routine,…

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Jeff Leech’s latest expedition to Nepal as an AAA group leader

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Tell us a bit about your trip to Nepal? I went to Nepal as a group leader for a not for profit organisation called Aussie Action Abroad (AAA). This was my fourth such expedition with AAA. Aussie Action Abroad actively collaborates with communities in need to provide practical and realistic…

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All things CrossFit with James Newbury and Kayla Banfield

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How does CrossFit Mode and the science/techniques behind your training differ from the average gym? CrossFit Mode is different from a technical perspective, in that our fitness is all based around compound, functional, movements. What this means, is that we use the body as a whole, rather than using isolation…

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Talking all things health, wellness and cooking with Jarrod Carmody aka The Physique Chef

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What prompted your health and wellness journey and how has your life changed since embarking on it? To be honest I’ve been a bit of a fitness freak for many years now. I was a bit overweight as a child until my mid teens, where I had quite a growth…

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