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I’m coming up to 3.5 years training Crossfit. I competed in my first Open in 2014 and had about 6 months training before entered into my first open.

After playing Rugby League for most of my childhood, I needed something to replace my regular training routine, but it still needed to have a competitive feel to it and CrossFit was a great fit. I set up Youtube videos in front of me, and practiced the movements in my back yard where I had a globo gym style set up.

Normally I would hit a wall with new training styles and get bored of them, but with CrossFit I couldn’t accomplish all the movements, so every day was a challenge to see what new skills I could add to the bag.

Rugby League, Rugby Union, Athletics, Body building were all my chosen sports growing up and have help me to be able to transfer into crossfit a little easier.

My weekly training sessions will depend on how the body is feeling but most days the goal is 3 sessions spaced out over the day.There’s always an AM and PM session except on Sundays which is full rest day. The structure is not fancy; I just do CrossFit and work on skills and drills. I also do heavy lifts with a conditioning piece to finish off with.

For the first 3 years I programmed all my workouts myself. It was good to start with, but once I knew that this sport was for me I needed that extra push and needed to borrow the knowledge of others. If you’re looking to seriously make a run at CrossFit, a coach or customized programming is essential straight off the bat. My mistake was creating workouts solely for each field: Gymnastics, weightlifting, endurance, powerlifting and trying to improve at all of them individually without combining them which was a rookie mistake.

As Froning says ‘just do CrossFit to get better at CrossFit’. Train smarter not harder but be willing to push your mind and body each session when needed.

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