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My journey in Muay Thai has been a long and successful one. I started Tae – Kwon -Doe when I was 8yo, transitioning to Muay Thai at the age of 12. I got my black belt in Tae Kwon Doe, but was looking for something a little different and more competitive. After just 6 months of training I was asked if I wanted to have my first fight, I thought sure why not. I had just turned 13 and jumped in the ring, not really aware how I would feel about the whole fighting thing. As they say, you are either hooked or you’re not, and I was absolutely hooked! 6 years later, 21 fights, 2 world championships, 5 Aussie championships and 2 Queensland titles and I think I am doing okay! Haha. The love I have for Muay Thai is crazy!

I have been actively fighting since I was 13 years old with my future dream of one day competing in the UFC.


22 fights – 15 wins 4 losses 3 draws 5KO’s
Former WKBF Queensland Champion 58.2kg
Former WMC Queensland Champion 58.67kg
Current WKBF Australian Champion 59kg
Current WMC Australian Champion 61.2kg
Current WBC Australian Champion 61.2kg
2 x MTA National Australian Champion Gold Medalist 60kg & 63.5kg
2 x IFMA Junior World Champion 57kg & 60kg
Female Fighter of the year 2014 & 2015

My proudest moment would have to be not only representing Australia twice at the World Games in 2015 & 2016, but winning gold on both occasions. I will never forget the experience of fighting for my country against the top fighters in the world in Thailand! You can’t beat that.

PranaOn was pretty much a life saver for me. I don’t really have much dairy in my diet as it makes me feel extremely bloated and quiet sick. I used to have whey based protein because I thought that was honestly all there was and I would just have to deal with the bloating. The first time I tried PranaOn, not only was the flavour AMAZING, but it was SO easy to drink. I couldn’t believe that I could actually train on it too, crazy. I also find the Amino’s to be extremely helpful with my energy levels during training. The pomegranate flavour is my favourite, and I drink it for every session. Wouldn’t have anything else!

I will have my PranaOn protein post training sessions, and sometimes I will make a smoothie with it and have it as a meal replacement (makes me feel fuller for longer).

My Amino Acids I start drinking 10 or so minutes before a session and throughout that session. It is so good for increasing my energy levels through the session and also great for stripping fat.

I have huge goals personally and for my business. I own HammerFit which is group fitness and personal training which is growing so quickly as I am putting my all into it. I love my job! As for my fight career, I just want to keep fighting the best, win some pretty belts and maybe even one day try out for the UFC 😉 Would love to start learning the ground game to add to my stand up.

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