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I started in the fitness industry at the young age of 16 and spent 12 years in personal training, teaching aerobics and competing in both sport aerobics and fitness model comps, back then better known as body shaping. I have practiced and taught all the traditional fitness industry diet and training methods. All of this left me with some eating disorders and a negative mind-set in my 20s. And, sadly, ALL these teachings still go on today, some 20 years later!

Now, at almost 45 years of age and since re-educating myself, I decided to get back into the fitness industry to educate people about the benefits of plant-based nutrition aka nature’s real wholefoods. This change in my own lifestyle, lead to my passion in helping others change their health and wellness all whilst making the world a more compassionate one.

This immense passion has led to the success in my international online coaching programs. I have had the honour of helping transform thousands of people’s lives to a healthy plant-based vegan lifestyle. I believe, ‘we cannot force change, but we can inspire change’.


Vegan Fitness & Bikini Model Athlete
Online Trainer & Coach
Director of Vegan Fitness International group
Designer at Vegan Fitness Body
Chef at Vegan Fitness Foods
Author of Vegan Fitness Food ‘For a Lean Healthy Body’ ebook & VGN BKI BOD Bible
Australian Ninja Warrior
Arnold Classic Europe Spain – International Athlete representing Australia
IFBB PRO LEAGUE Team Australia – Competing at the Arnold Sports Festival Columbus, Ohio
Arnold Classic USA – 5th Place
Arnold Classic Australia – 3rd Place
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  • Author
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  • Model
  • Ninja Warrior
  • Nutrition
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