Tell us a bit about your journey...

My journey through the world of fitness and movement has been a long one. Growing up as a dancer, movement was my passion from a young age. As I grew older, my passion for movement spiralled into an obsession with performance and appearance; I began to train for all of the wrong reasons and it seemed as though my passion for movement was lost. However, through yoga, handbalancing, and calisthenics, I was able to rekindle that passion, make peace with myself, and inspire others to move their bodies for health and pleasure rather than aesthetics. I am now an avid handbalancer, calisthenics athlete, student, and influencer residing in Los Angeles, California, and I wouldn’t have my life any other way.

  • Q. What are your proudest moments?

    I don’t know if I can pinpoint a single proudest moment in my life, but my proudest moments occur every time I meet someone who has been inspired or influenced by me in some way. My pride comes from my ability to positively impact others, and hearing stories from people who have changed their perspectives toward fitness, movement, and their bodies is something that brings me so much joy and fulfilment.

  • Q. How has incorporating PranaON affected your lifestyle?

    As a plant-based athlete, PranaON has been a game-changer for me in terms of performance and recovery. Athletes, especially those on plant-based diets, have nutrient needs that exceed that of the average person, and PranaON makes it incredibly easy for me to get the nutrition that my body needs to perform at its best. But nutrition aside, I’d use PranaON for the taste alone — it’s an essential part of my daily breakfast AND dessert!

  • Q. Talk us through how and when you use each product throughout your day?

    My favourite way to use PranaON protein is mixed into dairy-free yogurt — it gives the yogurt a much thicker consistency and adds sweetness and flavour without sugar! For breakfast, I mix half a serve of PranaON into dairy-free yogurt and top it with granola or muesli, and for dessert, I mix half a serve of PranaON into dairy-free yogurt with a tablespoon of raw cacao powder and natural peanut butter — makes for an amazing high-protein, sugar-free pudding! I also sip on Intra Strength throughout my training sessions to keep myself fuelled and hydrated.

  • Q. What's on the horizon for Lindsay Camerik?

    Once I finish my undergraduate degree at UCLA next June, I plan to pursue fitness and movement as a full-time career. I want to continue to use my social media platform to create and inspire, while also working one-on-one with clients either online or in person. An ultimate dream of mine would be to write a book or to open my very own gym/studio to teach and share my passion for movement with others.

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