Tell us a bit about your journey...

I’ve always been interested in the human body, physical and mental performance, athletics, sport and arts. Through bodybuilding I am able to combine these. I’m 32 years old. I’ve been training for 17 years and competing for 11 years as a lifetime natural (natural meaning no steroids or hormones) athlete. I’ve won national and world titles at both amateur and professional level. Some of the titles i’ve won include INBA Mr Olympia 2014, PNBA Mr Olympia classic physique 2016. IFBB 2 x Arnold classic Australia Light Weight Men’s Champion 2015 and 2017.

  • Q. What is your proudest moment?

    My proudest moment so far is when I won my first world title in 2014 in San Diego. I’ve always struggled with a lot of self doubt and wasn’t very thick skinned when I got into this sport. Over time I have developed much more self belief and when I won a world title, it just changed my perspective on things.

  • Q. How has incorporating PranaON affected your lifestyle?

    Nutrition and food play such an important role in changing the body and how it functions. It is important to be aware of your diet and make sure you’re body gets the nourishment it needs. Using PranaON supplements and products incorporated into my diet allows me to conveniently give my body the nourishment it needs in order to recover, repair, grow and get the most out of my training.

  • Q. Talk us through how and when you use each product throughout your day?

    I use PranaON Supergreens first thing in the morning, it’s rich in nutrients and fibre. I don’t rely on pre-workouts for training performance, but on days where I’m feeling a little flat or am aiming to hit a new Personal best, I use PranaON Pure Boost. During training I use PranaON Intra-Strength which contains amino acids and electrolytes. The product I use most would be PranaON Power Plant Protein. It’s a vegan protein powder containing all essential amino acids with added leucine which plays a role in protein synthesis. I use this after my workouts and sometimes through the day if I’m on the go and need to make sure I get enough protein in a meal. The reason I like it compared to other protein powders is that it’s very easy on the stomach I’ve found.

  • Q. What's on the horizon for Pete Hartwig?

    After switching to compete with IFBB, I’ve successfully won 5/5 since competing with them last year. I’m competing again this year for season B 2017. I’m planning to compete at states, nationals and then world titles in Spain.

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