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Stephen Hughes-Landers is one of the world’s most reputable calisthenics athletes having represented Great Britain at the Street Workout World Cup and Street Workout World Championship in 2014.

Stephen is one of 50 people worldwide, and three in the UK, to have been selected as an official Barstarzz (a mixture of calisthenics and bodyweight exercise) athlete, despite only taking up the sport full-time in 2013.

He is a professional athlete who devotes his life to training, practices, meetings, travel, competing and judging competitions, while continuing to work towards creating multiple platforms for others to progress with their fitness.

With an extensive background in all exercise and nutrition types he epitomises the mantra ‘Eat, Sleep, Barstarz’. His aim is to help the calisthenics scene grow by instructing those of all fitness levels and abilities.

Widely regarded as one of the most exciting athletes for his entertaining and often high risk combos, Stephen regularly travels the world instructing calisthenics.

Stephen is a dynamic coach with years of experience in organization, strategic planning, management, sports knowledge and the responsibilities of coaching. A qualified fitness instructor and skills trainer, Stephen’s in-depth knowledge of personal programming and sports psychology, motivates and inspires his clients to perform at their best.

As an athletic trainer, Stephen is highly skilled at leading groups of all ages and levels through workouts and skill development training. His clear and effective communication skills allow him to successfully work with youth development groups, while also supervising and involving parents in their children’s athletic programs.

His devotion and hard work has made him one of the most travelled street workout personalities. Regularly flying to new cities to appear for numerous reasons. Stephen is an internationally published cover model. Also appearing in GQ, MensHealth and many online magazines.

A member of the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation (WSWCF) advisory board and he created the world’s first accredited calisthenics certification recognized by the Registration of Exercise Professionals (REPs) and now, 8 more accredited certifications. He is the CEO and Founder Calisthenics Certifications, CalisthenicsUK, CalisthenicsASIA and CalisthenicsUAE.

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