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  • All products in the PRANAON range are vegetarian and vegan friendly.  This means that we do not use any animal by-products. The PRANAON range is gluten, lactose, dairy, egg and soy free.

  • We do have pregnant and breastfeeding mothers using our products, however we recommend that in the first instance you seek professional physicians’ advice.

  • The warnings on the packaging are a mandatory labelling requirement for all supplementary sports food.  Individuals and parents are responsible for what their children consume, the warnings are to make sure attention is paid to ingredients. It is advisable to seek professional physicians’ advice regarding your children’s individual needs.

  • All products are sweetened with Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf Extract (100% derived from the plant source) and a small portion of sucralose (955).

  • Whilst there may be small traces of naturally occurring fructose in the fruit powder extracts used in our products, we do not add fructose or use it as a sweetener as found in other supplement brands.

  • Like all supplements, individuals will respond differently to the performance enhancing benefits of the ingredients.

    For personal advice, your nutritional needs will be specific to you, so the benefits of our products will depend on identifying what your needs are as well as a consideration of your current nutritional intake that our products will be supplementing.

  • We use certified organic ingredients wherever possible.

  • Based on the specification sheets we receive from the suppliers of our ingredients, they do not contain gluten. And whilst our manufacturing facility does not produce any products that contain gluten either, we advise caution be taken if you are a true Celiac.

  • All of our supplements are intended to be consumed in conjunction with a healthy and well balanced diet, we do not have any meal replacements in our range.

  • We strive for consistency with the taste of our products from one batch to the next. However, there are many variables when using organic ingredients.  For example, seasonality can affect the cultivation of crops and directly affect the sweetness and taste of certain ingredients.

  • PRANAON sponsors individuals of all different backgrounds, with all different areas of expertise. Whether you’re an athlete or a foodie, we strive to support individuals with their journey. If you are interested in becoming a PRANAON advocate, please contact info@pranaon.com

  • Quite possibly – email us at sales@ecosuperfoods.com.au and we will see if we can partner together!

  • Before logging in, click on ‘forgot my password’.  An automated email will be sent to you with instructions on how to reset your password.  If you would like to change your password, click on the tab labelled MY ACCOUNT in the top bar of the website.

  • For a limited time only buy one Power Plant Protein and receive one PranaON product of equal or lesser value for free. To obtain your free product, select your Power Plant Protein of choice and then select your complimentary product from the “Get the deal” drop-down menu. Please note the complimentary product may be short dated stock. No refunds given on the deal.


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