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Introducing Jay…

Introducing Jay Mackay, an ex-Navy athlete with an unwavering dedication to fitness and mental health. Jay's regimen is a disciplined mix of mobility, stretching, and technique-focused training, designed to refine his performance by moving beyond brute strength to efficiency. Embracing the tranquillity of the ocean, Jay finds balance and grounding in beach swims at dawn, especially on competition days, supported by a tight-knit community including his coaches and his pup, Meera. With a commendable 4th place in intermediate at last year's Game Time competition, Jay is eyeing the Trinity Throwdown as his next arena to showcase his grit. Beyond the gym, Jay's heart belongs to the ocean, whether scuba diving, boating, or embracing the seasonal thrill of snowboarding. Jay's journey is a testament to resilience, balance, and the pursuit of excellence in every wave and workout.

Training and Preparation:
Can you walk us through a typical training week for you? How do you balance intensity, volume, and recovery to stay at the top of your game?

Typical training week is Monday to Saturday 40mins of mobilise and stretching into 1hr of training Sundays 2 hours of training doing roughly 3 workouts. Weekends are always followed by beach and coffee with Meera (my pup) in Burleigh or Palm Beach.

Currently I'm focusing on my mobility and positioning/technique work as I tend to muscle most movements so that's a major focus to become more efficient.

Mental Preparation:
Mental toughness is crucial in CrossFit. What mental strategies or routines do you employ to prepare yourself for the rigours of competition?

Mental health is a huge thing for me being ex navy and having seen the institutionalisation it causes especially people struggling to adapt back to civilian life. For me I always ground myself with the ocean before and after a comp. 430am day of a comp I will go for a beach swim and coffee for sunrise. My support group around me including my coaches always help me work out the best strategies for workouts coming up with rep break downs etc and that's how we managed to come 4th in intermediate at game time at the end of last year.

Looking Forward to Upcoming Competitions:
What upcoming competitions are you most excited about, and what specific aspects of your performance are you focusing on improving for these events?

Trinity throw down is my next big comp coming up and definitely keen to really grunt out the workouts and put myself in the hurt locker. It will be extremely tough competition with a lot of high profile athletes competing.

Outside of training and competing, what's a hobby or activity you enjoy that might surprise your fans?

Outside of training my life involves anything that includes me being in or on the ocean. From scuba diving to boating with family and friends. Apart from that snowboarding is my next passion but very limited due to work and seasonal restrictions

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