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Not sure what power supplement or flavour to choose? Our Multi-Packs and Supplement Samples are perfect for you! From plant-based protein to pre-workout powders, we give you the chance to try our power supplements before ordering a big supply — and in the flavour you want to sample. Let your taste buds make the decision for you, and order sample packs at PranaOn today!

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Taste the power of PranaOn’s sample packs

Ever experienced disappointment after tasting the first scoop of your preferred power supplement? We’ve been there — and we understand the feeling that you just threw away good money on a supplement that doesn’t taste the way you imagined. 

That’s why we make our awesome Multi-Packs and Supplement Samples, so you can taste your way to the perfect blend! Among our range, the Power Plant Variety Pack and the Phyto Fire Variety Pack are proud to boast HASTA Certification. These rigorously tested options meet the highest standards for purity and quality, making them the ideal choice for athletes seeking a trusted, powerful supplement to enhance their fitness journey.

And the best part? You don’t have to commit to a whole tub before knowing what you love. Choose your power supplement type, pick a flavour and sample away!

One taste, zero regrets — protein sample packs and more at a low price

Say goodbye to buyer’s remorse and hello to the joy of trying before buying. Our protein sample packs and other supplement samples are priced as low as $4.95, making it an affordable path to finding your fitness companion. 

Each sachet has one serving with different serving sizes depending on the supplement, from 4.5 to 44 grams. All you need is that one serving to get a solid taste of what we have to offer. Then, you can confidently hit the gym knowing your workout buddy — the perfect power supplement — is just a sample pack away.

Shop PranaOn’s sample packs — your fitness goals are one taste away!

Are you a fan of rich chocolate, zesty green apple or refreshing mint? All those flavours and more await you in our Multi-Packs and Supplement Samples. Get to your goals at a faster and more consistent pace with the support of the right blend of power supplements. But before you can commit to a whole month’s supply of protein or your preferred supplement, try it before you buy it. 

Order green superfood mix, thermogenic powders, pre-workouts and protein sample packs at PranaOn today!