Plant-based Protein Supplements

Have you been wondering how to slot some protein into your plant-based routine? We have plant-based protein supplements to indulge your inner flexitarian. Whether you’re looking for a clean source of protein or simply health-conscious and want to avoid soy and dairy, PranaOn’s protein supplements are the secret ingredient. Browse our collection and find the perfect supplement for your needs.

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Wholesome plant-powered benefits of protein powders

Struggling to put on muscle on a plant-based diet? We’ve got you covered with our plant-based protein powders — essential strength and power supplements in your fitness routine. We’ve put together a blend of proteins from peas, rice and faba beans to aid your muscle growth without straying from your diet. 

What makes PranaOn protein stand out? Besides being completely plant-based, we’ve added some special ingredients for that extra kick. Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are in the Power Plant protein mix to boost muscle recovery, making your workouts even more effective. For those aiming for a faster metabolism, Phyto Fire comes with thermogenic ingredients. And if you want to get bigger, opt for Natural Mass protein. With added healthy fats, coconut MCTs and flax, this is the power supplement you need in your mass-gaining gym stack. 

Our Power Plant protein, Phyto Fire Protein and Natural Mass Protein are all HASTA-certified. Having undergone rigorous testing, it is of the highest quality and purity. It is this distinction that makes it a trusted choice for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to elevate their fitness journey with a powerful, clean supplement.

Happy gut, happy muscles — the perfect duo

We care about more than just protein — we care about your gut health too. That’s why we’ve created plant-based protein powders, to begin with, to offer anyone with dietary restrictions a way to pack on lean muscle conveniently. And with flavours like gingerbread, mocha and honeycomb, you won’t have to crave foods that don’t fit your macros!

If you’re avoiding animal-based protein for gut health reasons, you’ve come to the right place — PranaOn protein powders feature a gut-friendly blend. We’ve infused them with probiotics and digestive enzymes to create a happy balance between your gut and muscles. We believe it’s not just about getting stronger but also about creating a healthy and resilient internal environment. 

Order PranaOn protein and build lean muscle without the guilt

Looking to build some strength and power? Supplements like protein powders are what you need, and we’ve got plant-based goodies just for you. The PranaOn protein range includes Power Plant, Phyto Fire and Natural Mass, each with different benefits for different goals. PranaOn protein powders are perfect for anyone who needs to supplement with protein to achieve their fitness goals, whether that’s to build lean muscle, boost fat-burning abilities or gain mass. Kickstart your fitness journey today by placing an order for PranaOn protein!