Breakthrough Performance Starts Here: Unleash the Power of PranaOn Peanut Protein

PranaOn's Peanut Protein goes beyond the average protein powder. With its focus on complete protein profiles, gut health support, sustained energy, low-carb compatibility, clean ingredients, and certifications for both safety and ethical sourcing, it offers a comprehensive package for anyone seeking to enhance their well-being. From athletes to health-conscious individuals, PranaOn's Peanut Protein might be the key to unlocking your inner powerhouse.

Maximize Your Gains with Natural Mass Protein: The Premium Choice for Athletes

Natural Mass Protein transcends typical supplements; it's a rigorously designed blend specifically crafted to foster substantial muscle growth and accelerated recovery, ideal for athletes dedicated to elevating their performance. Incorporating this robust protein mix into your diet ensures that you won't just achieve your fitness goals—you'll surpass them.

Run Right: Your Essential Running Guide for all Distances w/ @BrookeAshleigh92 & @UnfitRunning

Beginning your running adventure can evoke excitement and apprehension, particularly for novices. However, fret not! Armed with the appropriate mindset and strategy, you'll stride onto the track with assurance.

How To Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey: A Step-by-Step Plan

Going on a weight loss journey can be a life-changing experience for anyone. Beyond changes in your physical appearance, you may experience boosts to your mental and emotional well-being. But...

Unlock the Power of Natural Ingredients: Your Ultimate Guide

In our quest for prime physical form and optimum health, we often overlook the power of natural ingredients. At PranaOn, we harness the strength of natural and plant-based ingredients, taking...

Introducing Hydrate Plus - The Importance of Advanced Hydration for Athletes: Beyond Just Water

"Hydrate Plus" is not just about quenching thirst; it's about replenishing the body comprehensively. With its unique formulation of Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and Essential Amino Acids (EAAs), it provides the necessary building blocks for muscle repair and growth, reducing recovery time and enhancing performance.

Introducing the New and Improved Phyto Fire Protein Formula by PranaOn: A Revolution in Plant-Based Nutrition

PranaOn is thrilled to unveil the latest innovation in plant-based nutrition: the reformulated Phyto Fire protein. This revolutionary product has been meticulously crafted to deliver an unparalleled protein experience that...

The Essential Guide to Hydration: Why It Matters and How to Stay Hydrated

Hydration is a foundational element of health, particularly for athletes and active individuals. Proper hydration regulates body temperature, improves endurance, and facilitates nutrient transport, while electrolytes like sodium and potassium play a crucial role in maintaining fluid balance and supporting muscle function.

Introducing PranaOn's New Eco-Friendly Scoops: A Step Towards Sustainability

PranaOn proudly unveils new scoops made from sugar cane pulp, a sustainable and compostable material. This eco-conscious initiative aligns with our commitment to reduce environmental impact, as we transition to using these scoops across our entire protein range in the next 12 months. The new scoops, half the size of our previous ones, require two heaped scoops for the same serving size, with instructions updated on our packaging.

From Risk to Reliability: How HASTA Certification Redefines Supplement Safety

Have you caught wind of the latest buzz? PranaOn has some exciting news to share - a selection of our products has now received the prestigious HASTA certification! But what...

New Year, a Better You: Science-Backed Habits for 2024

By focusing on these attainable habits, you can make meaningful changes without the stress and disappointment often associated with ambitious New Year's resolutions. 

Fuelling Performance: Achieve Optimal Fitness with a Powered By Plants Approach

Embracing a diet that’s powered by plants can be a game-changer for your overall fitness and well-being. In this article, we'll explore how a plant-based approach can enhance your performance by improving blood flow, providing better fuel for your body, enhancing muscle efficiency and reducing inflammation. We'll also address the common concern of protein intake and offer some practical tips for making a successful transition to a plant-based diet.

Can Vegan Protein Upset Your Stomach?

It's true, that some vegan proteins can cause digestive discomfort. Fiber Frenzy: Vegan proteins often pack a fibre punch, which can be great for digestion in the long run. However, a sudden increase in fibre can lead to bloating and gas, especially for newbies. But before you toss out your smoothie blender, let's dive into the why and how of stomach woes, and why Pranaon's Power Plant protein might be the plant-based bestie your gut craves. 

Pre-Workout Safety: Friend or Foe? Exploring the Benefits of Natural Ingredients

Exploring the Benefits of Natural Ingredients and Nootropics in Pure Boost Performance In the competitive world of fitness, pre-workout supplements have become a staple for athletes and gym-goers seeking an...

Complete Proteins in Plant-Based Protein Powders: Why Choose Power Plant

Complete proteins are those that contain all nine essential amino acids, which our bodies cannot produce on their own. These amino acids are crucial for various functions, including protein synthesis, hormone production, and cognitive function. While many plant-based sources offer a good amount of protein, they often lack one or more essential amino acids, making them incomplete proteins (Young & Pellett, 1994).

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Why Whey Protein is Upsetting your Stomach

For most athletes, supplementing with a good protein shake after a workout is just as important as warming up before a workout. However, not all proteins are created the same...

The Benefits Of Plant-Based Sport Supplements: Enhance Your Athletic Performance

Calling all athletes — whether you're a seasoned pro or an aspiring champion, we're about to dive into a game-changing world of plant-based sport supplements designed to supercharge your performance....

Why Plant-Based Protein Is The Future Of Fitness & Health

In today’s world, almost everyone is on a quest to achieve peak athletic performance and a healthy body. Whether you're a high-performance athlete aiming for greatness, navigating dietary restrictions or...

Unveiling the Transformative Link Between Sleep and Wellness

Discover the remarkable ways in which proper sleep can revolutionize your well-being. From enhancing muscle recovery and retention to aiding fat loss and boosting cognitive function, quality sleep is an essential cornerstone of a healthier and more vibrant life. 

Maximizing Performance: The Impact of Caffeine on Athletes and Exercise Enthusiast

Caffeine, a natural stimulant found in coffee, tea, and certain supplements, has long been associated with increased alertness and improved cognitive function. However, its effects on physical performance, especially for...