How To Kickstart Your Weight Loss Journey: A Step-by-Step Plan

Going on a weight loss journey can be a life-changing experience for anyone. Beyond changes in your physical appearance, you may experience boosts to your mental and emotional well-being. But while drastic measures or complicated plans seem effective, real and long-lasting change comes with making small and sustainable adjustments.

If you’re considering shedding some pounds for your health, this guide can help. We’ll look at how to go about weight loss in an informed and approachable manner. There are no crash diets involved — only these sustainable steps to weight loss.

  1. Understand why you want to lose weight

First things first: ask yourself why you want to lose weight. Is it for your health, confidence, or maybe to feel more energised?

There are no wrong answers here — only motivation that keeps you on track when things get tough. When you know the deeper reasons driving your desire for weight loss, you can stay focused and committed even when faced with obstacles or moments of doubt. So, take the time to connect with your ‘why’ and use that as the driving force to achieving your health and wellness goals.

  1. Set SMART goals for your health

When it comes to setting your weight loss or personal health goals, it’s all about making them SMART. Break away from the overwhelming or unclear objectives of ‘getting fit’ and make your goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound or SMART.

For instance, consider aiming to shed one kilo per month or squatting 30% of your body weight after one month of resistance training. These small, realistic targets not only make the weight loss journey more manageable but also add a sense of accomplishment as you steadily progress towards your overarching health targets. 

  1. Make small adjustments to your diet

While a lot of people are able to stick to consistently working out, dieting may be where they falter. The biggest mistake is diving into extreme diets for immediate weight loss. You may lose a lot of weight in a short period of time, but as soon as you go back to eating a less restrictive diet, the unwanted kilos come back.

Instead of going on a crash diet, consider making healthy changes to what you normally eat. For instance, swap the sugar in your coffee with a low-calorie alternative. Or, grab a piece of fruit instead of munching on highly processed snacks at midnight. Opt for whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. Another change to make is to eat out less and prepare meals at home. Remember: it’s not about giving up what you love to eat but making sustainable but impactful changes to your diet.

  1. Get into a physical activity you enjoy

Just like your diet, physical activity doesn’t have to be punishing. It’s better to pick a sport or workout routine you actually enjoy, so you can incorporate it into your daily routine.

Whether it’s taking dance classes, going on weekend hikes or trying out rock climbing, the goal is to make exercise something you look forward to and can perform consistently. When you’re having fun, it transforms the concept of working out into a more enjoyable experience. That can make it less of a chore and a more rewarding part of your day, not something you do to punish yourself. Explore activities that resonate with you and help you stay active until they become a part of your lifestyle.

  1. Include your support system

Starting a weight loss journey doesn’t have to be a solo one. Share your goals with friends, family members or even your colleagues! They can be your cheerleaders who make the process more enjoyable and provide a source of encouragement when you need it most. More than your cheerleaders, they can be your accountability partners. Ask a friend to join you for a workout — you may even discover a workout buddy who shares similar weight loss goals!

  1. Track your weight loss progress

Beyond the numbers on the scale, tracking your weight loss progress involves celebrating the small victories along the way. Consider taking progress photos, not just to document the physical changes but to capture the confidence that comes with your journey. Consider measuring yourself or checking if your favourite clothes fit better over time.

Additionally, keep a journal where you jot down how you feel, both physically and emotionally. This holistic approach to tracking your achievements, no matter how small, can be the most powerful motivator.

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