Sophia Varley


Professional Womens Soccer Player, Melbourne City FC #1


@Sophia Varley

Introducing Sophia…

Sophia Varley, the dynamic #1 player for Melbourne City Football Club, is not just a force on the soccer field but an inspiring figure off it. Starting her journey in soccer at a young age, Sophia was driven by the desire to pave the way for girls in rural areas, proving that geographical barriers should not limit one's aspirations. Her disciplined training regimen, beginning at the crack of dawn, is a testament to her commitment to excellence in professional women's soccer. Sophia's mental preparation, grounded in routine and strategic foresight, has been key to her competitive edge. Despite facing setbacks like missing an A-league season, her resilience has only fueled her ambition, marking a league championship as a career highlight. As she eyes the dual triumph of premiership and championship wins this season, her long-term vision stretches to playing in Europe and possibly joining the Matildas. Off the pitch, Sophia's creativity shines through her culinary and sewing skills, while her academic pursuits in veterinary biosciences hint at a multifaceted talent ready to explore life beyond soccer.

Personal Journey and Motivation
How did you get started in soccer, and what motivated you to pursue it professionally/seriously?

I think I began playing football when I was probably like 6 or 7, maybe even younger. It was initially a family thing, growing up with two older brothers and a sister you pretty much just wanted to do everything or anything they were doing. Growing up rurally there weren't many females that you came across playing, my sister and i were really the only ones that played so I definitely think that motivated me and still does, the desire to show girls that there are opportunities out there regardless of where you come from.

Training Insights
What does a typical training day look like for you?
How do you mentally prepare for competitions/matches?

My typical day begins at 6.30 where I wake up, shower and make my protein shake or eat some sort of breakfast that I usually prepare the night before. Arrive at training by 7.30 where we go through session plans and potentially do tactical work before getting kitted up and starting preactivation for training. On field at 9.30 which generally goes for an hour and half and then followed my gym and lunch after training. For me I think sticking to my pre game habits and ritual helps me mentally switch on but also i like to do a lot of visualisation and also pre game opponent analysis so I feel prepared.

Overcoming Challenges
What's been your biggest challenge in soccer, and how did you overcome it?
Can you share a memorable achievement from your career?

My biggest challenge so far was definitely missing out on a season in A-league. I think from a young age my development and growth was always exponential so sitting out one was definitely a learning curve and taught me that as athletes we are all on a journey and it's not always going to linear there will be ups and downs. A league Championship winners would have definitely been a highlight

Future Goals
What are your goals for the upcoming season?
Where do you see your soccer career heading in the next few years?

At the point we are in the season i think winning the double, becoming premiership and championship winners would be the goal and where our focus is right now. Hopefully, after having a few strong and consistent seasons in a league i can head overseas to europe and play or even longer term break into the matildas

Personal Interests
Aside from Soccer, what are your hobbies?
Can you share something about yourself that might surprise people?

I'm a pretty crafty person, i love to cook or bake as well as sewing and making different types of clothes. Im also studying veterinary biosciences and will hopefully step into that career path once my football journey has come to an end.

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