4 Tips to Lose Weight (and keep it off)

If you're looking for a miracle pill to help you lose weight fast, spoiler alert... there is none! But we're here to give scientifically backed tips that you can implement for effective and lasting weight management.

Here are our 4 tips to help you reach and keep your goal.

Reduce Energy intake  

For effective weight loss, the key rule is energy in (food) must be less than energy out.  

Therefore, being mindful of your energy input throughout the day and ensuring it is below your output will ensure weight loss. However, it is important to note that your output energy isn’t just your exercise expenditure but also energy used in metabolism and basic body functioning.  

Portion control is a great tool in reducing energy intake to avoid overeating and going over your calorie intake. 

Leafy greens are a great addition to your weight loss diet as they add bulk and fibre to your meal to keep you feeling full, but they are low in calories.  

Don't forget to count your snacks! Snacks are often the calories we 'forget to count' and they play a part in impacting pour goals. If you are prone to 'snaccidents', take a read of our blog 7 Hacks to Stop the Snacks.


Eat a high protein breakfast

PranaOn overnight proats

Protein can regulate appetite hormones to help people feel full. This is mostly due to a decrease in the hunger hormone ghrelin and a rise in the satiety hormones. Protein is a filling nutrient that can keep you feeling fuller for longer without a lot of calories, protein contains 17kJ/g (4cals), however fat has 38kJ/serve (9 cals).  

Eating a high protein breakfast helps reduce cravings and calorie intake throughout the day.

PranaOn’s Phyto Fire Protein is a plant protein blend infused with nutrients and herbs that deliver a thermogenic response within the body and boost the metabolism. This effect may help to control appetite and burn fat. The plant protein blend will also assist in building lean muscle. 

Therefore, starting your day with a high protein thermogenic shake made with Phyto Fire Protein will kick-start your weight loss journey.  



PranaOn fitness weight loss tips

As we all know, exercise has many benefits both for Physical and Mental Health (especially with current COVID lockdowns), but it also plays a role in weight loss and maintaining weight loss. This is through both increasing the amount of calories burnt (energy out) and increasing your metabolism. To lose weight, you will need a high amount of physical activity unless you also adjust your diet and reduce the amount of calories you’re eating and drinking. Ideally, with a reduced calorie diet, a morning walk plus a high intensity workout would be ideal for weight loss.  

We have a high intensity full body workout video you can follow that will get you sweating and burning all your major muscle groups. No equipment needed. Click on the image below.

workout video









Choose weight-loss friendly foods or supplements  

Some foods are better for weight loss than others as they go through different metabolic pathways in your body.  

PranaOn’s Phyto Shred is a thermogenic product formulated to boost your body’s metabolic rate. The amino acid Acetyl L-Carnitine and the active ingredient Grains of Paradise aid in fat burning by helping to transform fat into fuel for your body to burn up! Also, to further support weight loss and management, PhytoShred has natural prebiotic fibre with a mineral (Chromium Picolinate) to support your gut health and nutrient absorption while helping you feel full.  

PranaOn also has Acetyl L-Carnitine as a pure amino acid to support in weight loss. It is commonly used for both its fat burning and brain boosting properties. When taken regularly, it’s well known to promote weight loss by transporting fatty acids into the body's cells. This in turn creates fuel to be burned for energy during exercise. This can be added to your juice, your Phyto Shred Fat Burner or any beverage.

PranaOn acetyl L-Carnitine


By inlcuding all 4 tips into your training routine, your body is able to use stubborn fat for energy. Remember this is not an overnight process, goals like this take time, hard work, consistency and comittment. 

If you need some assistance choosing products to support your goals, Chat with Us by clicking on the chat button on the bottom right of your screen. Our team woud love to help you find the best products to spport you and your goals. 

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