How to: Parkour like a pro!

We hit up PranaOn ambassador Jesse Turner a parkour professional to find out more about his sport and how he manages to stick the ``unstick``able!

Hey Jesse! Thanks for joining us.

Q. First of all, explain to the average punter what exactly is Parkour?
A. Basically it’s the most efficient way from A to B. It involves running, jumping, climbing and vaulting. Freerunning is what came next and is more of a self expression that involves a lot more tricks and flips.

Q. Worst mishap in training?
A. My worst mishap was when I tried a double gainer outside for the first time. Unfortunately I smashed the ligament in the back of my left knee which put me out for months. Once I recovered I had to start from scratch and I had a bee in my bonet to get physically and mentally prepared to try the trick again. A year later I finally got the courage to go for it and I landed it.

Q. Greatest achievement?
A. It would have to be when I won Australia’s biggest Parkour Speed Competition in 2016.

Q. How have you implemented PranaOn into your daily routine/training to get the edge on your competitors?
A. I have implemented PranaOn into my everyday life ever since I found it. I start with my favourite every morning which is the fresh mint Super Greens. Next I normally have my vanilla Power Plant Protein mixed in a super shake before training and through the day I love topping up my system with blood orange Intra Strength.

Q. Any superstitions?
A. I have a favourite pair of undies I wear to land new tricks haha

Q. What’s on the horizon for Jesse Turner?
A. I can’t give away too much but I was involved in a new series that will showcase some of my talents. Also I’ve stepped into teaching Parkour one on one’s and classes professionally on the Gold Coast that I would like to push further. I feel its important to give back to the community and help build a good foundation for students that want to learn.

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