Shred up your 2022!

shred up 2022

Was one of your New Year’s resolution be lose some stubborn covid kilos? We are here to help ensure this goal gets ticked off this year.  

A brand NEW flavour of our delicious fat burner PHYTOSHRED is here… and we hope you love Pina Coladas as much as us.  

Summer never felt so refreshing with our Pina Colada Flavour Phyto Shred joining the beloved Peach Iced Tea and Passionfruit flavours.  


What’s the fuss about?  

We know it can be hard to burn fat while also maintaining muscle, which is why Phyto Shred was formulated with an effective dose of 1.6g Acetyl L- Carnitine and 20mg Grains of Paradise. This combination works powerfully to help transform body fat into fuel for your body to use and burn.  

Phyto Shred also helps boost your metabolism by stimulating thermogenesis, meaning more calories are being burnt over a given period aka assisting in weight loss.  

Another effective way that Phyto Shred helps weight management is by including a natural prebiotic fibre, Acacia Gum, along with Chromium Picolinate (a mineral to support nutrient absorption) helping you feel fuller for longer. This helps reduce your desire to snack during the day (or what we like to call ‘snacksidence’), where excess calorie intake often occurs.  


Phyto Shred is the gift that keeps giving as it also taps into improving focus and even mood. How? The carefully curated formula has active ingredients such as the nootropic Schisandra, Green Coffee Bean and Green Tea Extract, Naringin and Tyrosine. Fueling your body with these performance targeted natural ingredients will help power your workout and mental alertness, keeping you in the zone pushing to the next level.  


But why choose Phyto Shred?  
Most fat burners are overly caffeinated and result in jitters, possible anxiety, a comedown, and then a crash in energy levels. The energy provided in Phyto Shred comes from botanicals with naturally occurring caffeine (one serve is equivalent to a cup of black tea),  making it a low stimulating formula, and what’s even better is that it’s clean and vegan too! 


When should I take it?  

Due to the nature of the product, transforming fat to fuel, Phyto Shred is most effective when taken in conjunction with working out, ensuring that energy is burnt and utilised.  

Phyto Shred is best taken first thing in the morning to jump start your metabolism.  
It can also be taken before a workout or even on a slow afternoon in the office to give you a low stimulate energy boost along with improved focus and mental alertness to get you through.  


So, look no further and start kicking your 2022 goals!  

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