When it comes to green powders, it’s about complimenting your already beautifully well-rounded diet, think of them as a boost to flood those cells of yours.

Investing in a Greens Powder is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to compliment your existing diet and boost energy, digestion, skin, and long-term health. Here are some of the benefits of investing in a greens powder… 

  1. DETOXIFICATION: Greens are known to assist with liver detoxification processes (phase 1 and 2), meaning your body can eliminate toxins, heavy metals, and hormones, rather than these re-circulating, which would increase their toxicity levels and cause a whole host of health issues. When we have adequate detoxification happening our bodies eliminate waste effectively and our digestion stays healthy and happy!
  1. ABSORPTION: Due to the greens powder being highly bio-available the nutrients are absorbed extremely well by our bodies and are ready to be used straight away. This not only means maximum health benefits, but many people experience immediate energy boosts (winning!) from such a concentrated nutritional source.
  1. GUT HEALTH: Greens powders are high in vitamin C and fibre – fibre acts as a beneficial bacteria for our guts, this allows for bacteria to thrive and produce short chain fatty acids e.g., butyrate. Butyrate is a natural anti-inflammatory source for our guts and supports our immunity beautifully. All the healthy bacteria in our guts must be fed to support their growth and development/long-term health of your microbiome. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant and strengthens our gut barrier function against any nasty bacteria or pathogens.
  1. CONVENIENCE: Eating more fruits and vegetables is a no brainier and everyone knows that, but the reality is that we are all time poor sometime or tired or simply have brain fog on what to eat. This is where a green powder will be your best friend, you will never miss a day without getting your daily greens in!
  1. VERSATILITY: There are so many ways to include a greens powder into and across your day, some include adding them to your pancakes (I know right?), protein balls, smoothies, scrambled eggs, pesto, or you can simply add it to your water.
  1. SKIN HEALTH: Many of nutrients found in greens powders include vitamin C, A, and E plus folate – these all are essential for supporting the skin and our lymph system health.
  1. LONGEVITY: Greens powders are antioxidant-rich, antioxidant foods can help offset free radical damage cause by oxidative stress – this can help dampen systemic inflammation and reduce the severity of chronic disease, such as, rheumatoid arthritis. Managing inflammation is an important key to long-term health and your quality of life.

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