Why is my pre-workout clumping?

Why does every natural pre-workout you buy start to clump after sitting in the cupboard for a while?

The clumping is due to the hygroscopic ingredients, meaning ingredients that attract and hold water molecules at room temperature. The main ingredients used in our Pure Boost pre-workout are:

  • Citrulline
  • Beta Alanine

These ingredients are key in the performance of pre-workout, so how can we avoid the clumping whilst keeping these powerful ingredients in our pre workout?

How to avoid Pre-Workout clumping:

  • Keep the silica sachet in the tub! If you have ever noticed the sachet in your pre-workout tub and thrown it out, you probably found that your pre-workout went clumpy very shortly after that. The silica sachets are designed to absorb moisture, and as pre-workout contains hygroscopic ingredients, the silica sachet is needed to attract that moisture out of the product, helping to minimise clumping. Don’t stress, our silica sachets are nontoxic and food grade. Only the best!

  • Shake tub once or twice a week – as Pre-Workout is not something you are likely to take everyday, it can often be left sitting around for longer periods of time than something like protein powder. Therefore, it is important to shake or agitate the powder couple times a week to ensure the ingredients are not settling and solidifying.

  • Use regularly – It is recommended that you use your Pre-Workout within 6 weeks of opening… basically the more you use it, the more the ingredients get stirred and agitated, the less likely clumps will occur.

  • Store in fridge, sealed properly – the amino ingredients are most hygroscopic at room temperature; lower storage temperatures, below 22°C avoids moisture being absorbed by the ingredients, leading to clumping.

What to do if your Pre-Workout has gone clumpy:

  • Shake the tub and push the outsides to break the powder up. This is the best method to do first, before clumping has made the product completely solid.

If the pre-workout gets to a point where ordinary shaking in the packaging isn’t bringing the powder back to free flowing, your next best options are to:

  • Put the product in a blender to break loose the solid powder, then it can go back in the tub (remember to shake often!)

  • Use a fork to scrap and stab powder lose

Does clumpy Pre-Workout mean the product is no longer effective or safe to use?
No – by no means does a clumpy Pre-Workout suggest that the product will not give the same functional effect or indicate that product quality has been compromised. As we have learnt, it is completely normal and occurs because of the natural hygroscopic ingredients used.

Shake/blend/agitate those clumps away and get to your workout feeling fuelled and energised.

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