Greens powder, there is always that overarching question of are they just a trend or are they beneficial to our health?

As a nutritionist, eating your greens is an important and nourishing part of your health, fewer than 1 in 10 Australians eat anywhere near the recommended number of vegetable or fruit serves per day.

Greens, especially our leafy greens from the brassica group of vegetables are packed full of essential nutrients, such as, dietary fibre, folate, vitamins C and E, but alongside flooding our cells with these nutrients they’re also important for supporting liver detoxification.

Our greens powders are here to top you up when you’re feeling low and depleted, they are here to work alongside that nutritious diet you have and provide more antioxidants whilst you are making your way up to the top.


What can our Green Powder do for you?

  • Your Immunity will be boosted thanks to the immune boosting ingredients of Acerola Cherry and Probiotics. Acerola is an extremely rich Vitamin C source, it contains around 50-100x more vitamin C then oranges, Vitamin C not only fights infection but promotes collagen production to keep your skin glowing.


  • Alkalises you whilst detoxing at the same time, this is due to the nutritious super-food blend of 7 potent sprouts, grasses and algae that are designed to help detoxify and cleanse your insides.


  • Your gut will love you even more, each serve will contain a healthy 10milion CFU of the probiotic Lactospore™ (Bacillus Coagulans). This is a probiotic well known for maintaining the stability and diversity of the gut microbiome, hello happy and healthy gut.


  • Free radicals are sorted (in other words toxins), due to all the beautiful and powerful antioxidants found within the greens you can say goodbye to toxic free radicals roaming around in your body.


  • Your bloating will be looked after, the greens contain a unique blend of 5 digestive enzymes, these are designed to assist with digestion and absorption of nutrients. One of the enzymes is called Cellulase which helps break down cellulose, the bloating culprit.

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