How to create a healthy morning routine

A healthy morning routine is essential for a productive, effective, heathy and happy day and life. We hear about it over and over again, but do we actually put it into practice?

Creating habits for a consistent morning routine can set you up for the day by boosting your energy, aligning your focus and promoting a sense of gratitude and mindfulness. Research shows that the world’s most successful people all have a healthy morning routine they swear by, which includes, waking up at 5am, exercising, meditating and eating breakfast. Here are our top tips to take your morning and day to the next level.

Rise with the sun

Yes, we know you may love a sleep in, but research shows that rising early with the sun is most beneficial for our health. Out top tip is to leave your curtain or blind open a little to allow the natural light to wake you up with ease. This exposure to natural light awakens your body and sets up your natural body clock for the day. You’ll find that this exposure to natural light in the morning will allow you to fall asleep easier at night, as your body will be more in sync with the natural cycle of day and night. Wake up early to get a head start to the day and be the most productive you yet!

Take deep belly breaths

As you wake up, don’t reach for your phone (those emails and social media can wait) and don’t jump up in a rush, simply allow yourself a few moments to take some deep belly breaths in and out. Connecting with your breath in the morning enables you to centre yourself for the day ahead. Research shows that taking deep breaths creates an immediate sense of calm within the body by relaxing the nervous system and encouraging balance within your body.


Practice gratitude

Repeat positive affirmations to clear your headspace and create room for positive energy to flow! By speaking positively over ourselves and our lives we are pushing negativity out and manifesting more of what we want and need for a healthy happy life. We become magnets for good things! Start by giving thanks for what you are grateful for and then welcome in more of what you want in your life. Examples are: “I am grateful for my health, I am grateful for the roof over my head, I am grateful for my job, I am grateful for my family, I am successful, I am happy, I am strong”. You can repeat them in your mind, speak them out loud or even write them in a journal. It is a great idea to follow this with a few minutes of meditation.

Drink warm lemon water

This is an oldie but a goodie. Start your day with warm water and fresh lemon juice to hydrate and detoxify your body, alkalise your system, improve circulation, boost your energy and fire up digestion for the day for optimum nutrient absorption and metabolism function. Drinking lemon water first thing allows you to improve your gut health and immune system to promote optimal health all year long.


Move your body for multiple mental and physical benefits including sending fresh oxygen to all your organs and boosting the release of endorphins to the brain to increase your energy and mood. Go for a walk, hit the weights at the gym, attend a barre class, join your nearest F45 gym for functional training, practice yoga or go for a run. Find what works for you and better yet, mix it up to keep things fun and exciting.

Have a nourishing breakfast

Your food is your fuel so choose to nourish your body with the best each morning. A healthy breakfast will balance blood sugar levels, help control hunger and cravings, and provide your body with essential nutrients and vitamins for optimal health and energy all day long. Make sure your breakfast includes fresh produce and has a balance of macro nutrients including carbs, protein and fats.


Some great breakfast ideas are:

Get started

Now you don’t have to do all of these at once, but try to incorporate them one by one into your morning routine and see how you feel. It is incredible how we are able to empower ourselves and in turn, make a more positive impact at our workplace, at home and on all those around us.

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