Healthy Vegan Chocolate Crackle

This nostalgic chocolate crackle recipe will bring back some memories but this time round you get to make it refined sugar-free, plant based and boosted with protein.

Protein Granola Crumble

This recipe has all the granola crunch, chewy fruit and flavours without the high price tag and tastes delicious as a topping on your oats, smoothie bowls or perfect on it's own with a splash of your favourite milk.

Biscoff Baked Protein Oats

The sweet smell of cinnamon, the crumbly biscuit sprinkle, the oozing biscoff centre, if you only ever try one baked oats recipe let it be this!!!

Super Green Protein Bliss Balls

You know you need your greens but have you tried them like this? This recipe is Dairy-free, Gluten-free, and Refined Sugar-free. Follow this 3 step recipe for a quick and easy protein snack, after-meal treat, or pack with your lunches.