7 Benefits of Rice Protein

Rice protein is an incredible dairy-free alternative to whey protein. It packs a punch in nutritional value and is not only great for you, but is good for the earth too!

Rice protein provides your body with high-quality protein, essential amino acids, Vitamin B and E, and plenty of gut-loving fibre. Plus, it is also naturally low in sodium and cholesterol. Add it to your daily diet to boost your nutritional intake and help reach your health, weight and wellness goals. These are our top reasons why you should get some rice protein in your life:

1. Hypo-allergenic

Rice protein has no known allergy concerns as it is free from dairy, soy and wheat. This means it is lactose, GMO and gluten free.

2. Vegan

Rice protein contains zero animal by-products so is 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

3. Sustainable

Rice protein is a much more eco friendly option when compared with whey protein. As a by-product of the dairy industry, whey protein takes a heavy toll on the environment. Rice protein uses fewer natural resources and creates less carbon emission.

4. Easily digested

Rice protein is easier to digest than whey protein which is known to cause digestion issues such as discomfort, an upset stomach and bloating.

5. Rapidly absorbed

It is bioavailable and therefore easily assimilated into the bloodstream, meaning it goes to work straight away. This rapid absorption provides multiple health benefits and assist the body with recovery post training.

6. Stabilizes blood sugar and regulates cholesterol

Rice protein slows the rate of absorption of high-carb meals and therefore reduces insulin spikes to provide stable blood sugar levels.

7. Heat-stable/Adaptable

Rice protein has a mild, nutty flavour and is unaffected by heat, so it can easily be used in savoury or sweet cooking and baking. Try it in various recipes such as protein pancakes, vegan frittata, banana bread or even protein cookies to up their nutritional profile.

Overall, rice protein is a great option for those looking to fuel their body with some of the best nature has to offer. It allows you to be a kinder to your gut health, to the Earth and to the animals, while providing you with a variety of vitamins, minerals and a protein-punch.

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