Maca Protein Love Cups

These Maca Protein Love Cups are full of libido boosting goodness that’ll have you ready to rev it up in the bedroom…or bathroom floor, or backseat of the car. Whatever floats your boat. They’re low carb, high in healthy fats, protein-rich and super easy to make with only a few ingredients including maca and cacao. Maca is arguably the most famous natural superfood aphrodisiac, which has been used for centuries for increased energy, stamina and endurance, and hailed for balancing hormones, boosting the libido and increasing sexual function. While cacao, contains arginine and flavanols which are known to have similar effects to viagra as they help relax blood vessels and increase blood flow…to you know where. How’s that for a juicy fact!? So go on…make these for yourself, your friends, your lover.

Maca Protein Love Cups

Serves: makes 12 serves
Time: 10 minutes




1 cup coconut oil

½ cup Nava Wholefoods Cacao Powder 

3 TBS maple syrup

Pinch of salt



½ cup almond butter

1 TBS Nava Wholefoods Maca

1 TBS Nava Wholefoods Hemp Seeds

1 TBS PranaOn Primal Protein in Vanilla Bean & Maple

3 TBS coconut oil



In a bowl, sift cacao through melted/softened coconut oil until combined.

Stir through maple syrup and salt.

Spoon 1/3 of the mixture into your moulds and allow to set in the freezer. While the chocolate sets, mix all the nut butter filling ingredients into a bowl.

Once the chocolate base has set, spoon the filling mixture onto each mould evenly.

Spoon the remaining chocolate mixture over each filling until it is completely covered and flat.

Return the mould tray to the freezer and allow to set for 20 minutes.

Enjoy straight out the freezer!

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