What is the difference between EAAs & Pre-Workout?

Not sure what to take before/during and after your workout for best performance results? 


Some like to use both products as they provide different results.

Pure Boost works best when taken approximately 20 mins prior to a workout to assist in energising your workout whereas Intra Strength can be taken mid workout to re-hydrate and aid in the process of muscle synthesis. Everybody is different, it’s important to take what feels right for you however taking both products is completely safe for peak performance & recovery.

Check out the benefits of both products and how they work below:


Pure Boost Natural Pre-Workout


Pure boost’s unique formula is completely natural, vegan and unlike some pre-workouts, you don’t experience the intense crash in energy with Pure Boost

With the assistance of energizing B Vitamins and Taurine, Pure Boost, aims to tackle both fatigue triggers with it’s active ingredients that keep you focused and improve mental fatigue while simultaneously improving your physical performance capabilities.

Clinically dosed with 3000mg of Citrulline Malate and Vinitrox™ (a combination of Apple and Grape polyphenols), both increase physical training time and delay muscular fatigue. These ingredients are well known for being a powerful nitric oxide precursor. Nitric Oxide (NO) causes vasodilation of the blood vessels which in turn increases blood flow and oxygen delivery, which leads to EXPLOSIVE WORKOUTS.
With added Nootropics such as Ginseng, Caffeine Anhydrous & Green Coffee Bean for improved concentration and reaction time.

To fight mental fatigue triggers from the central nervous system, Pure Boost contains both L-Tyrosine to improve alertness and keep you in the zone, as well as the adaptogen Schizandra to assist with modulating the body’s response to the physical stresses of exercise.


Intra Strength Hydration & Recovery Formula

Amino acids are the building blocks for new tissues and cells and our bodies are constantly breaking down these muscle tissues during exercise. The body can produce a lot of these amino acids on their own, however there are a few ‘essential aminos or EAAs’ that we can only get through diet or supplementation. If you happen to consume a plant-based diet you might struggle to get the right amount of EAAs as meat is generally one of the best sources.

EAAs provide you with energy to power your workout and increase muscle synthesis.

It’s important your body remains hydrated and your muscles continue performing at their peak even when they become tired from a tough workout. Electrolytes are essential for muscle contractions and fluid balance and are lost in sweat during exercise.  You lose B vitamins when you sweat. B Vitamins, especially B6 and B12, are important for the breakdown of carbohydrates and protein to produce energy.

Containing 200% RDI Vitamin C which is crucial for the recovery of your cells when it’s exposed to various stress factors such as strenuous physical exercise, poor diet, lack of sleep and fatigue. Intra Strength works to protect and repair damaged cells to keep you feeling healthy, strong and balanced.

Intra Strength contains effective doses of both Vitamins to ensure you power through your workouts and replenish those much needed vitamins!

It also contains effective levels of the most important Electrolytes like magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium.

Not only are benefits seen during a workout, consuming it also effective post-workout to assist in recovery. BCAA’s help to reduce DOMS (Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness), delay fatigue during prolonged exercise and promote a faster recovery time. 


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