Do you struggle to commit to exercise consistently all year round? Here are our 5 tips for maintaining body composition with Jesse Turner.


We have learnt that the best way to stay committed is to find a sport that you really enjoy. When you do this, it doesn’t feel like a chore and it’s easier to maintain. Most people need encouragement and accountability, team sports can be an excellent option. Another alternative is to get a PT or coach, someone you can check in with and who keeps you accountable.

We all know, diet is a key component in staying healthy and shredded. We suggest investing time in researching what your body needs for your goals and weight management. A nutritionist may be helpful with diet tips and plans or alternatively there are some great apps that can help you track what you’ve eaten for the day, helping you stay informed and accountable. A routine is always helpful, nutritious foods or natural supplements are great first thing in the morning to kick start your metabolism. Meal prepping is also a great way to stop those accidental snacks, helping to keep your budget and waistline in-check.

Everyone knows that staying hydrated is important, but do you know why and how it can help with shredding?
Our bodies are made up of 60% water, meaning we need water for our organs to function, to detoxify the body, for digestion, to exercise .. basically for everything!

Staying hydrated can also keep you feeling fuller for longer, meaning less snacks and appetite, helping with weight loss. We recommend staying well hydrated especially around training sessions when you’re sweating it out.

Sleep is CRUCIAL for muscle recovery, this is when the body heals. This should be a priority within your routine. If you are having trouble with this, set reminders at night for your bedtime and ensure you are switching off from anything stimulating at least half an hour before bed, so your brain can get into a calm state.

Using supplements is a great way to assist your body in staying shredded and is great to be used in conjunction with the previous tips. There are supplements you can take to assist with sleep, focus, muscle synthesis, immune health, kickstarting your metabolism and even elevate your mood. PranaOn’s Phyto Shred Thermogenic ticks many boxes in the supplement world, helping increase energy, focus, metabolism and fat burning!
Jesse Turner, parkour athlete and professional stunt performer uses PranaOn PhytoShred everyday.

Jesse says:
‘I take Phytoshred first thing in the morning, it tastes amazing and also leaves me feeling alert and focused for training. The best part is, there is no crash unlike some pre-workouts and it helps with kickstarting my metabolism and turning fat to energy’.

Pictured: Jesse Turner, Thumbnail photo captured by: VividTones

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