Choc Truffle Banana Protein Bars

These Choc Truffle Banana Protein Bars by the lovely Stacey-Jane caught our eye on Instagram and she has kindly shared the recipe with us! They are balanced BCAA rich, low GI carb, and contain MCTs and thermogenic polyphenols. Stacey-Jane perfectly formulated them for pre-workout benefits, but they are just as great as an anytime snack. All natural, super easy to make, vegan-friendly and nut free too!

Choc Truffle Banana Protein Bars

Serves: 8 large bars
Time: 20 minutes



4 scoops PranaOn Power Plant Protein in Vanilla Creme 
120g dried pitted dates soaked in boiling water for ten mins (then drained)
40 ml melted coconut oil
4 ripe medium bananas pureed (or 400g)
8 heaped tsp Nava Wholefoods raw cacao
4 tsp Nava Wholefoods matcha powder

Chocolate topping:

8 tsp raw cacao
4 tsp stevia powder
40g melted coconut oil

4 tsp toasted coconut ( 1/2 tsp for each)
1 tsp raw cacao for dusting



1. Combine PranaOn Protein, cacao and matcha in deep bowl.

2. Puree bananas and drained dates into smooth paste.

3. Add banana date mix and melted coconut to dry mix and combine.

4. Form into a dough and knead into a ball.

5. Divide dough into 8 portions.

6. Refrigerate mix for at least ten minutes in order to make easier to roll.

7. Roll into balls first. Then roll balls into logs. Flatten from the top and sides to shape (its kinda like working with play dough ).

8. Place each bar on grease proof paper and drizzle chocolate topping on each. Sprinkle with coconut and dust with cocoa.

9. Store in lined container and refrigerate.

Nutrition information: per serve ( 1 bar)

Energy : 1395.5 kJ / 332.26 cal

Protein : 17.1g
Fat, total : 13.19 g
– Saturated 11. 80 g
Carbohydrate, total : 24.15 g
– sugars 17.9 g

More on Stacey-Jane:

Stacey-Jane is Food Scientist & Associate Nutritionist with a Bachelor of Science in Food, Nutrition, and Health ( Food science major). She also has a Masters in Human Nutrition and is a Wonder Mum to 4 children aged 5 and under. Stacey-Jane has a special interest in sports nutrition, food matrix interactions, anti-oxidants and gut health. Check her out on Instagram @healthy.or.not.nutrition where she discusses what foods or products are actually healthy… or not, along with recipes, and honest product reviews.

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