The one supplement you need to up level your workouts

Want to push harder, lift heavier, run faster and get those PBs? Pre-workout might just be your answer. And we’re not talking about any pre-workout, we’re talking about PranaON’s revolutionary Pure Boost. Designed to increase and enhance your peak performance, focus, strength and endurance, it is the natural alternative to over-stimulating products, with all the good stuff and none of the bad.

The goal of pre-workout is to boost energy production in muscle cells to maximise the intensity of your workouts. Greater intensity leads to a higher output and more calories burned, helping you to lose weight quicker and more efficiently, and build more muscle too.

So what’s in it?

Pure Boost is made with the highest quality natural ingredients only. It contains none of the artificial ingredients commonly found in pre-workouts, which are known to give you a super energy high but then cause a major slump after.

This 100% vegan, gluten free and dairy free blend contains a lot more than just caffeine. Natural caffeine sources such as green coffee bean, guarana, and ginseng, are paired with amino acids and superfoods to bring you a major nutritional hit. As two of the key ingredients, Citrulline Malate and Vinitrox™ increase energy production in muscle cells and increases stamina and power, you'll find yourself working harder for longer. 

Pure Boost assists with boosting energy, increasing strength and improving speed. It also enhances endurance and stimulates cognitive focus. The powerful combination of ingredients works to optimise cellular and vascular response, sending all the goodness directly to where it needs to be. It not only boosts performance and stamina in the gym but supports recovery too.

How to take it?

The most effective way to include Pure Boost in your workout routine is by consuming it half an hour before exercise or strenuous activity.

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