Train with the intensity of a UFC fighter!

It’s no easy feat getting to the pinnacle of your sport and for MMA athletes making it to the UFC is no exception. Training and competing at this level requires discipline, physical endurance, mental fortitude, and a well planned diet.

We hit up PranaOn ambassador Dylan Andrews a veteran of the cage for some training tips and his secret to his youthful looks!

Dylan! Thanks for joining us.

What an incredible career you have had so far! Fighting in the Middleweight class with an impressive history including 18 wins, 13 by KO/TKO! You are definitely living up to your name “The Villain”.

Q. Talk us through your routine on the day of a big fight. Any superstitions? Favourite songs?

A. Fight day starts out with breakfast for me, which usually consists of carb loading with oats and fruit.

A big thing for me is visualisation. I go over the fight in my head and make sure I have all my bases covered when it comes to good and bad situations.
In terms of superstitions, I used to have underwear that I had to wear early on in my career, but I didn’t like the fact that I was relying on something that I couldn’t control so I stopped doing it and it worked out fine.

Music wise, I usually play something that makes me feel loose and light as well as happy! My last walk out song was Bruno Mars 24K.

Q. What training techniques set you apart from the average punter?

A. It’s not so much my techniques that sets me apart it’s more the intensity that I put into my technique.  I’m obsessed with putting in work to get better. I’m not afraid of hard work, which is something I learnt very early on that if you work really hard, good things happen and it’s worked out for me just fine.

Q. For a 37 year old MMA fighter you have the youthful looks of a 20 year old! What’s the secret mate?

A. My secret is in nutrition. I love eating good quality food. Most people spend money on everything else except their health whereas I’m the opposite, I love working out and staying active.

Q. What are you currently using from the PranaOn range to get your edge?

A. Typically I start each morning with Super Greens Mint Flavour. Blood Orange BCAA’s whilst I work out. I love the Chocolate Natural Mass for post workout. I utilise the Power Plant as meal replacements when needed and all the flavours in the ppower plant range I love also.

Q. Next fight? Fill us in.

A. I will be defending my Middleweight Title in Sweden at the end of the year.


Thanks for your time Dylan and good luck in Sweden!

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