Which PranaOn Protein is best for me?

We’ve worked long and hard to bring you the best tried, tested and loved vegan proteins in the market! We get it, our extensive range can be overwhelming at first, so this article is here to help you find which PranaOn protein is best for you!

Our entire range, formulated by accomplished natural athlete INBA Mr. Universe Billy Simmonds, is 100% vegan and designed to support fit and active lifestyles. Each blend is crafted with added probiotics, prebiotics, an amino acid blend and digestive enzymes for optimal assimilation and results. Caring for your health, the animals and our planet. Read on to find out which of our plant-based proteins best suits your needs to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Power Plant Protein

Award winning, every day, sports formulated all-rounder for building and maintaining lean muscle mass.

Our Power Plant Protein is our go-to for anyone looking to increase their protein intake. It has won multiple awards and continues to be our best-seller in the range, with Rich Chocolate and Himalayan Salted Caramel taking out the top spots!

Best used: Post workout or in your favourite smoothie/bowl


Phyto Fire Protein

Comprehensive protein blend with thermogenic ingredients to assist in increasing your metabolism and fat loss.

Our Phyto Fire Protein is specially formulated for those with fat loss goals, by assisting with appetite control and increasing fat burning capability. It also contains naturally occurring caffeine so can give you an extra skip in your step if needed.

Best used: Post workout before 2pm or first thing in the morning in your favourite smoothie/bowl

Phyto Fire Protein

Tribal Force Protein

Complete and progressive blend of nutrient dense proteins and superfoods including: hemp, maca, sacha inchi to help aid in recovery. Pea protein free.

Our Tribal Force Protein is one of the latest additions to the range and contains one of our favourite superfoods: hemp protein. Hemp protein is bursting with fibre and nutrients to nourish your cells from the inside out and provide your body with wholesome goodness.

Best used: Post workout or in your smoothie or smoothie/bowl

Tribal Force Protein

Natural Mass

The ultimate vegan mass gainer. Sports formulated for hard gainers or serious gym junkies, with 70 grams of complex carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats per serve.

Our Natural Mass protein is the go-to for those looking to ramp up their nutritional intake and gain muscle mass. It also has 2.5 grams of Creatine Monohydrate per serve, along with digestive enzymes and a comprehensive amino acid complex for optimal assimilation and results.

Best used: Post workout or in your oats, smoothie/bowl


Primal Protein

A paleo-friendly, superfood rich blend of unique plant proteins with pre and probiotics to nourish and provide digestive support. Brown rice free and great for those on the go!

Our Primal protein was specifically formulated for those following a paleo lifestyle or have trouble consuming grains. Stripped back to nature’s best, it utilises the power of plants and ancient superfoods to give your diet the upper hand when it comes to nutrient density. It uses enzymatic force, prebiotic and probiotic power to nourish the digestive and nervous systems, and provide hydration and hormonal support.

Best used: Post workout, in between meals or in your smoothie/bowl


Organic Pure Protein

Pure organic sprouted and fermented plant proteins and superfoods to support a healthy and active lifestyle, muscle growth and digestion.

Newest to the range, our Organic Pure Protein is certified organic, and contains specially formulated prebiotics and probiotics to maintain optimal gut health and immune system function. It’s bursting with nutrition and comes in two delicious flavours: red velvet & vanilla turmeric.

Best used: Post workout, in between meals or in your smoothie/bowl


We hope this has helped you decide which of our PranaOn vegan proteins are best for your current lifestyle, diet or training needs! As always, all are certified vegan by vegan.org, are gluten free, GMO free and banned substance free.


Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team members for more information via the channels below and remember to always use the hashtag #pranaon so we can see how you are #poweredbyplants

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