What are the benefits of taking Amino Acids?

You've seen these amino acids in our performance range and while some customers understand the benefits and value of adding these into their shakes, you might be missing out on accelerating your results simply because you need more information on what they are and how they can help you. 

So let's cover these now.


What is it?

This amino is considered non-essential as our bodies can produce this amino itself, but if you have an active lifestyle, there's a chance your body is not producing enough to keep up with the demand your body requires. Many people use Glutamine to repair muscle and support recovery after training, but did you know this amino is amazing at supporting gut health and protecting your digestive system?

How to use:

This amino has no flavour and no odour so it's easy to mix one serve with water or add into your post-workout protein shake. If you intend to use this amino to heal digestive issues, first seek medical advice and if recommended, start slowly with one serve (1.9g) and slowly increase to 20g serves each day. Your gut will love you for it!⁠ 

Acetyl L-Carnitine:

What is it?

This amino is a popular ingredient in many fat burning and pre-workout supplements. Why? Because it has the ability to assist the transformation of fat into energy. This amino is also effective in boosting energy levels naturally, enhancing concentration and focus. This amino is amazing as a pre-workout or energy booster for anyone avoiding caffeine and because our Acetyl L-carnitine is vegan friendly and sourced from plant derived ingredients, you won't get that fishy odor when you're working out in the gym.

How to use:

This product has a metallic taste, so we recommend mixing this into your protein shake or into a flavoured drink such as Intra Strength or our fat burner Phyto Shred to disguise the taste.⁠ For best results, take one serve twice per day first thing in the morning and again around midday. This will help maintain a boost in your metabolism and get you burning through more calories.

Creatine Monohydrate:⁠

What is it?

While this amino has the ability to support muscle growth, taking this won't bulk you up into Hulk without you putting in the work. What you can expect to notice after taking this amino is a burst of energy, power and endurance. Creatine exists in our bodies but for highly active people (and especially anyone plant-based), there's a good chance your levels of Creatine are low. If you're looking to boost energy levels or grow your muscle mass, give this amino a try. Our Creatine Monohydrate is vegan friendly and made using the highest, premium quality Creapure.

How to use:

This amino acid is flavourless and odorless but we recommend mixing with our Intra Strength or Pure Boost 30 minutes prior to your workout to get the best results or boosting your post-workout nutriton by adding to your protein shake.

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