Kyl Raggio


National level Powerlifting & Bodybuilding


Runner up Mr Australia Junior Bodybuilding

Tell us a bit about you and your journey…

My journey started when I was about 14 years old. I was always the skinny kid at school, so when I decided to start playing rugby league I knew I had to build some size. I began training in my little garage gym with my Dad's rusty old bench press & dumbbells, from there I was hooked! My dingy little gym set turned into a proper home gym set up and grew bigger every year (thanks to my parents) After finishing high school I stopped playing football but was still obsessed with lifting weights and building my body & mind, I’ve always been super competitive so I knew I had to do something else and that’s when I started competitive bodybuilding. From 2012 all the way up to last year I had competed at various levels and federations in both Powerlifting & Bodybuilding, with my most recent competitive season competing at National level for powerlifting & then going on to win the ICN Sydney Classic Bodybuilding Supershow at the Fitness Expo.

What is your proudest moment thus far?

It would have to be winning my last bodybuilding show as it was such a proud achievement to have accomplished in front of all my family & friends amidst all of the personal & professional things I had going on at that time. (I was running my PT business at FF, building my first PT studio and prepping for the show).

Tell us about your morning routine.

My mornings start every day at 4am, I follow the below morning routine DAILY & usually fast until 10am or so; Drink 1L of water, Have an ice cold shower, Meditate for 5-10mins, Fill out my journel, Make myself a coffee and read for 20-30min, Cycle to work at 5am for my first clients from 5:30am.

What’s your favourite PranaOn product?

I’m absolutely obsessed with the vanilla plant power protein, it has been my go to protein for the last 3-4 years as it’s the first & only plant protein that ticks all the boxes in terms of flavor, texture & consistency.

What’s your favourite way to use it or incorporate it into your healthy lifestyle, and why?

PROTEIN OATS! I make myself a huge bowl of overnight protein oats each night to have for my first meal of the day.

Tell us something interesting about yourself or a hidden talent.

I was the first kid at my school to bench press 100kg (I was 15 haha).

Any superstitions?

No not really haha

Do you prefer training in the morning or evening?

I’m a morning person for sure, most of the time I usually train mid-morning or closer to lunch time but whenever I get the opportunity to, I will train between 5-6am especially when I’m on holidays. I find it helps set up my day right by achieving something as small as completing a training session.

Where can we find you on a Saturday?

More often than not I’ll be at my studio running group sessions or training clients 1:1. But as soon as I’m out of the gym you’ll find me at the ocean either swimming or surfing, it’s like my second home!

What’s on the horizon for you?

Big picture looking forward my goal was to open 5 KRP studios in the next 5 years so I’ve got that to work on, but personally I plan on travelling lots more with my partner Gabby & exploring new places, food & culture. I plan on competing in Bodybuilding this year again with the goal of competing overseas so I plan on that being part of our travel adventures.

Favourite motto to live by:

“You either stand for something or fall for everything”

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